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4th July - Independence Day (USA)

Lots of Holiday food Ideas, Recipes & Information about Independence Day on the Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July or "Independence Day" is a major holiday in the United States, celebrating the birth of the United States of America in 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

Like Thanksgiving Day, the Fourth of July is a national (Federal) holiday with most people getting the day off work  however unlike Thanksgiving, being in the height of summer, the festivities are mainly based outdoors and traditionally the 4th July festivities generally end with fireworks displays, as has been done since 1777.

Fourth of July parties often have a Red, White and Blue theme and celebrations often take the form of picnics and barbeques,  held in back yards or on the beach. It's generally a relaxed and informal occasion where friends and family get together to celebrate the birth of their nation.

What's Eaten on Independence Day on 4th July?

As mentioned above, many parties and celebrations for the Fourth of July are held outdoors and the informal nature of the holiday makes it ideal for  al fresco eating including barbecued meats and poultry,  picnics, hot dogs, burgers, salads and fruit pies. Watermelon is also a traditional favourite. For most, this is not a time for fancy foods and recipes.


4th July Party Ideas

Red White and Blue Fourth of July Party

The most obvious fourth of July party idea is to have a red, white and blue colour themed party. There's no need to just stick to the usual table cloths, napkins, bunting and balloons - go a step further and continue the colour theme in the food. There are lots of ingredients which are red or white but the blue can be a little more tricky. Blueberries are the most obvious but you can also use blackberries or blackcurrants and, where appropriate, colour the foods with blue food colouring. Another great way to add blue is in drinks. Simply make up blue coloured ice cubes.

Fourth of July Beach Party

If you're lucky enough to be close to the sea, have a Fourth of July beach party. The food can take the form of a picnic but why not buy some disposable barbecues so you can cook stuff whilst you're there.  There's no need to stick to the usual burgers either -  prawns on skewers make an excellent addition and have the added bonus of being able to be cooked much more quickly.  

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Fourth of July Potluck Party

An old tradition is to have a Fourth of July potluck party -  simply ask each guest to bring a dish. A little co-ordination will be necessary to make sure you don't get everyone turning up with potato salad but it's a great way to save you lots of work whilst at the same time, having lots or different foods to choose from.

Fourth of July Recipes

We have a whole section on barbecues and picnics but here are just a few basic recipes suitable for your Fourth of July celebrations to get you started.

Coleslaw    Veg  CD  ACC   10mins plus standing

Bacon Frankfurters    HT  BBQ  MC  15mins

Basic Barbecue Sauce    Veg  HT  BBQ  ACC  20mins

BBQ'd Bourbon Steak    HT  BBQ  MC  25mins plus marinating

Mixed Seafood Kebab    HT  BBQ  MC 25mins

Summer Sweetcorn Salad    Veg  CD  PIC  40mins

Picnic Frittata    CD  PIC  55mins plus chilling

Picnic Meat Loaf    CD   PIC  65mins plus cooling



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