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2008  Formula 1 Recipes



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The roots of F1 can be traced back to the road races in France in the 1890s with the first race using the name  "Grand Prix" occurring in 1901 at Le Mans which was won by Ferencz Szisz. The appearance of  the  first  "pits" (shallow dug-outs at the side of the road) was in 1908.

After World War II a new formula for cars of 1,500 cc supercharged and 4,500 cc un-supercharged began called Formula A.  Although the name changed to Formula 1 in 1948 it's generally accepted that the modern era of Formula One Grand Prix racing began in 1950 at which time the minimum race distance was reduced from 500 km (311 miles) to 300 km (186 miles) and was held at Silverstone.



A note from the Editor
Below are some recipes I've personally selected which represent the best of traditional cuisine from the 17 countries hosting the races so you can prepare authentic dishes to enjoy whilst you're watching the excitement.

Happy Cooking, Eating, F1 watching !

AUSTRALIA    (Melbourne)

14 - 16 Mar

Main Course


Kangaroo Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Passionfruit Pavlova


MALAYSIA    (Kuala Lumpur)

21 - 23 Mar

Main Course


 Malay Grilled Fish

Banana in Coconut Milk


BAHRAIN    (Bahrain)

04 - 06 Apr

Main Course


 Beef with Pine Nuts and Raisins

Spiced Oranges


SPANISH   (Catalunya)

25 - 27 Apr

Main Course


Basque Lamb Stew

Crema Catalana


TURKISH    (Istanbul)

09 - 11 May

Main Course


Turkish Stuffed Peppers

Ottoman Rice Pudding


MONACO    (Monte Carlo)

22 - 25 May

Main Course


Casserole of Grouse

Pear Flan


CANADIAN     (Montreal)

06 - 08 Jun

Main Course


Maple Chicken

Montreal Pudding


FRANCE  (Magny-Cours)

20 - 22 Jun

Main Course


Boeuf Bourguignon

Sultana and Apple Clafoutis


BRITISH    (Silverstone)

04 - 06 Jul

Main Course


Lancashire Hotpot

Treacle Tart


GERMAN    (Hockenheim)

18 - 20 Jul

Main Course


Knackwurst with Spinach



HUNGARIAN     (Budapest)

01 - 03 Aug

Main Course


Hungarian Goulash

Cherry Fritters


EUROPEAN    (Valencia)

22 - 24 Aug

Main Course


Paella a la Valencia

Tocino de Cielo


BELGIAN    (Spa-Francorchamps)

05 - 07 Sep

Main Course


Carbonnade of Wild Boar

Belgian Plum Flan


ITALIAN     (Monza)

12 - 14 Sep

Main Course


Eliche alla Puttanesca

Panna Cotta


SINGAPORE    (Singapore)

26 - 28 Sep

Main Course


Pepper Crab

Fresh Tropical Fruit


JAPANESE    (Fuji Speedway)

10 - 12 Oct

Main Course


Vegetarian Tempura



CHINESE    (Shanghai)

17 - 19 Oct

Main Course


Sesame Chicken

Silky Apples Veg HT Chinese DP 40mins


BRAZILIAN     (Sao Paulo)

31 Oct - 02 Nov

Main Course




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