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Food Days and Holidays


Below are some special days either directly related to food or when special recipes or foods  are eaten. Click on the links to find more information and recipes.  Listed in order by month.


Food Days, Weeks and Months

Special Days and National Holidays


English Toffee Day  -  January


British Yorkshire Pudding Day (UK) -   February


National Bramley Apple Week (UK) - February


National Carrot Day February


National Chip Week (UK)  -  February


National Noodle Month  - March


National Bread Week (UK)   -  April


Canned Food week    -  April


National Garlic Day  -  April


Asparagus Month - May


National Honey Week  (UK) - May


National Allergy Week  -  May


National Doughnut Week  -  May


National Herb Week  -  May


National Vegetarian Week  -  May


National Watercress Week  (UK)  -  May


British Sandwich Week (UK)  -  May


National BBQ Week  (UK) -  June


National Mango Week   (UK) -  June


National Papaya Month  -  June


Caesar Salad Day    -   July


National Salad Week  (UK)   -   July


Hot Dog Month      -   July


National  Ice Cream Month   -   July


Peach Month   -   August


Organic Month  (UK)   -   September


Seafood Fortnight  (UK)  - September


Mushroom Month - September


British Food Fortnight   (UK)-  Sep/Oct


British Cheese Week  (UK) -  Sep/Oct


National Chocolate Week  -  October


British Sausage Week  -  November


British Pudding Day  -  November


Homemade Bread Day  -  November


National Fig Week  -  November


Split Pea Soup Week  -  November


National Maple Syrup Day  -  December


National Eggnog Day  -  December



New Year's Day  -  1st January


Chinese New Year  -  February


Valentine's day  -  14th February


Collop Monday - February/March


Shrove Tuesday  -  February/March


Mother's Day




St. David's Day   -  1st March


St. Patrick's day   -   17th March


St. George's Day  -  23rd April


Fourth of July (Independence Day)


Halloween  -  31st October


Thanksgiving  - 4th Thursday in November


St Andrew's Day  -  30th November


Christmas  -  25th December
















































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