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Flan and Tart Recipes

A large collection of sweet and savoury flan recipes, tart recipes and quiche recipes

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Information and instructions how to make perfect flans and tarts




Pastry Recipes suitable for flans, tarts or quiches



Savoury Flans, Tarts & Quiche Recipes

Sweet Flans and Tarts Recipes

Eggless Cheese and Bacon Quiche   HT MC 45mins

Salmon Pesto Quiche     HT  CD MC 45mins

Ham and Asparagus Quiche  HT CD MC 55mins

Salmon and Watercress Flan  HT CD MC 55mins

Sausage Flan  HT MC English 55mins

Bacon and Sweetcorn Quiche  HT CD MC 60mins

Chilli Prawn and Spinach Flan   HT  MC  60mins

Parmesan Soufflé Flan  HT MC 60mins

Quiche Lorraine  HT CD MC French 60mins

Sausage and Spinach Flan  HT CD  60mins

Tuna and Sweetcorn Quiche    HT CD MC 60mins

Cranberry, Almond Turkey Flan  HT MC British 75mins



Brie and Herb Quiche  Veg HT CD French 35mins

Eggless Cheese & Onion Quiche   Veg HT MC 40mins

Eggless Spinach Quiche  Veg   HT  MC 45mins

Mushroom Leek & Chestnut Tarts   Veg  HT CD MC 45mins

Cheese and Onion Quiche  Veg HT MC 50mins

Dolcelatte and Broccoli Quiche  Veg HT MC 50mins

Mushroom Quiche  Veg HT MC 50mins

Ricotta Flan  Veg HT CD DP Italian 50mins

Asparagus And Crème Fraîche Tart  Veg HT MC 55mins

Two-Cheese Flan  Veg HT CD MC 55mins

Courgette Quiche  Veg HT CD 60mins

Courgette, Tomato & Goat's cheese quiche Veg HT CD MC 60 mins  New!  August 2012

Creamed Roquefort Quiche  Veg HT CT French 60mins

Danish Blue Quiche  Veg HT CD MC 60mins

Leek & Stilton Quiche  Veg HT CD MC English 65mins

Onion & Goats Cheese Quiche  Veg HT CD MC 65mins

Asparagus Quiche  Veg HT 75mins

Shropshire Blue & Watercress Flan  Veg HT CD 75mins

Sweet Red Onion and Edam Tart   Veg HT MC 80mins

Melktert   Veg CD S.African 20mins plus cooling

Quick Chocolate Flan   Veg CD DP 20mins

Walnut & Coffee Meringue Pie   Veg HT 25mins

Belgian Plum Flan   Veg CD 35mins plus cooling

Butterscotch Tart  Veg CD English 30mins +cooling

Gypsy Tart   CD  English 30mins plus cooling

Treacle Tart   Veg HT English  35mins

Welsh Amber Pudding  Veg HT DP 35mins

Banoffie Pie   Veg CD  English 40mins + 3 hours

Golden Kiwi Tart   Veg HT 45mins

Santiago Almond Tart   Veg CD 45mins + cooling

Border Tart   Veg CD  Scottish 50mins + cooling

Chocolate Sesame Tart  Veg CD  50mins + chilling

Linzertorte   Veg CD Austrian 50min plus chilling

Pear and Mincemeat Crumble Tart  HT CD 50mins

Almond Pine Nut Tart   Veg HT CD  55mins

Pear Flan   Veg HT  French 55mins

Apple and Calvados Flan   Veg HT 60mins

Apple and Mincemeat Tart   Veg HT CD 60mins

Bakewell Tart   Veg HT  60mins

Chocolate Chestnut Pie   HT CD Veg 60mins

Creamy Pine Nut Pie   Veg CD 60mins +cooling

Spiced Sweet Potato Pie  Veg CD 60mins +cooling

Streusel Apple Tart   Veg HT CD Belgian 65mins

Baked Chocolate Flan   Veg CD 70mins +cooling

Manchester Tart   Veg HT English 70mins

Greengage Tart   Veg HT 70mins

Frangipane Apple Tart   Veg  HT  CD 75mins

Lemon Meringue Pie   Veg HT CD 75mins

Green Unripe Pumpkin Pie   Veg HT CD 80mins

Treacle Nut Tart   Veg HT  90mins

Pumpkin Pie    Veg HT CD  95mins

Rhubarb Soufflé Flan   Veg HT  150mins

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