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General Information about Turbot plus Turbot Recipes

Turbot which belong to the family Scophthalmidae,  is a seawater (marine)  fish found primarily throughout the Mediterranean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and the North Atlantic. A large diamond shaped flatfish, it can reach sizes of or up to  17kg/40lb. They are also farmed in countries such as Spain, Chile and China.


Classed as an "White" fish,  Turbot is highly prized for its delicate flavour and bright white firm flesh and is considered by many to be the king of all the flatfish. So much so that special "turbot kettles" were manufactured to enable cooks in upper class households to cook large specimens whole for dinner parties.


Serving Allowances for turbot:  Allow 125-175g/5-6oz turbot per person

Suitable substitutes for Turbot:  Halibut, Dover Sole.



Turbot Recipes


Mrs Beeton Turbot a la Creme

Anchovied Fish   HT  BBQ  MC  20mins

Turbot Kebabs   HT    MC    25mins

Pan Fried Turbot     HT  MC  25mins

Turbot en Papillotes     HT  MC  25mins

Turbot in Red Wine    HT   MC   35mins   

Seafood Stew   HT   MC  French  90mins


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Tips, Options and Substitutions


If you intend cooking whole turbot more than twice a year, it's well worth investing in a turbot kettle. The one shown above can be purchased from Amazon however this particular one is really expensive so you might want to try elsewhere.



Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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