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General Information about Trout plus Trout recipes

Trout is the name given to a number of fish belonging to the family Salmonidae. They are a round bodied freshwater fish generally found in cool  streams and lakes in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania and are also widely farmed.  Although all trout are members of the salmon family and there are many types including Lake, Brown, Rainbow, Speckled, Steelhead and Silver, some of which, whilst born in freshwater, migrate to the sea and return to freshwater to breed.   You can read more about sea trout here


Classed as an "oily" fish, the flesh ranges from very pale pink to a deep salmon colour depending on the variety, but most have a mild and subtle flavour. 


Often sold at  around 30cm/12-inches, trout is a popular fish in Europe and North America, where it is eaten both fresh and smoked.


Serving Allowances for trout:  Allow 1 x 30cm/12-inch trout per person

Suitable substitutes for trout:  Salmon, Perch,  Shad


Trout recipes

Barbecued Trout with Parsley    HT  BBQ   MC   15mins

Tropical Trout Salad    CD  MC  20mins plus cooling

Trout with Pickled Dill Cucumber        HT   MC   20mins

Grilled Fish with Almonds   HT   MC     25mins

Trout Curry with Coconut    HT   MC     25mins      

Trout in  Cream   HT   MC   25mins

Trout with Almonds   HT   MC  25mins

Trout with Walnuts and Stilton  HT  MC  British  25mins    

Herb Crusted Trout    HT MC  English  30mins   January 2003

Steamed Trout w/ Spring Onions  HT  MC  Cambodia  35mins  2003

Trout with Rhubarb Sauce    HT   MC   35mins   April 2002

Baked Trout with Bacon    HT  MC  Welsh  40mins February  2008

Gingered Tout with Mango    HT  MC  West Indian 40mins   2002

Trout stuffed with Coriander     HT  MC   40mins

Trout with Raspberries      HT   MC  40mins


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Tips, Options and Substitutions

Trout is often cooked whole with head in tact however make sure you properly clean, gut and scale whole fish BEFORE cooking


Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish

Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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