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General Information about Swordfish plus Swordfish  recipes



Swordfish is a large elongated round seawater (marine) fish belonging to the family Xiphiidae.  Classed as a white fish, the flesh is very meaty.  Also a popular sporting (game fishing) fish, they can reach a size of 14ft and 1,400 lb (that's 650kg). 


Swordfish are mainly caught by the long-line fishing  method and can be found in all tropical to temperate oceans, the main areas including the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.


Serving Allowances for swordfish:  Allow 175g/6oz swordfish steaks per person

Suitable substitutes for swordfish:  halibut, tuna, marlin or other firm fleshed fish.


Swordfish recipes


Glazed Swordfish    HT   MC  15mins plus marinating        

Swordfish with Thyme and Pernod    HT  MC   15mins plus marinating

Swordfish Brochettes    HT  BBQ  MC  20mins plus marinating

Swordfish Skewers    HT  MC  Turkish   20mins plus marinating    August 2003

Swordfish with Ginger     HT  MC  20mins plus marinating

Fish Kebabs   HT    MC    25mins

Fish Tacos     HT   MC   Mexican   25mins    December 2002

Ambot Tik       HT  MC  Goan  30mins    July 2003

Fish with Noodles   HT  MC  Vietnamese 30mins plus marinating      March 2003

Indonesian Fish Cakes   HT  MC  Indonesian 30mins plus marinating      July 2003

Martinique Blaff    HT  MC  West Indian  30mins plus marinating    May  2002

Mild Yellow Fish Curry    HT  MC  Sri Lankan  30mins      July  2006

Mediterranean Swordfish     HT   MC   Italian   60mins     June 2003

Braised Swordfish    HT   MC   Tahitian   85mins     May 2003


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Tips, Options and Substitutions


Try not to overcook swordfish as it can dry out


Excellent for use in more robust recipes where a more delicate fish may fall apart


Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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