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General Information about Sole plus Sole recipes



True sole belong to the family Soleidae which includes the common or Dover sole. It should be noted that Lemon Sole is not a true sole it is a flounder (see separate entry). Most are seawater (marine) flatfish although some do inhabit fresh water mostly found in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea. 


They reach a maximum length of about 70cm/28-inches and are a more oval shape than many other flatfish with a smooth skin.  Classed as a "white" fish, they have a mild, buttery sweet flavour and are prized by European chefs  and diners alike for their versatility and ease of filleting. The name "Dover" is taken from the English fishing port which landed the most sole in the 19th century. Unfortunately, over-fishing in Europe has given rise to increased prices.


Suitable substitutes for sole:   Halibut, lemon sole, plaice, flounder.

Serving allowances for Sole:  Allow 1 x 30cm/12-inch sole or  2-4 plaice fillets per person depending on the recipe


Sole recipes


Fried Fish With Kiwifruit    HT  MC 20mins      April  2006

Simmered Flat Fish     HT   MC   Japanese   20mins     October  2002

Sole Meuniere     HT     MC    20mins

Spicy Garlic Fish Fry    HT   MC   Pakistani   20mins plus marinating     September 2002

Moqueca de Peixe     HT  MC   Brazilian   25mins plus marinating    July 2002

Sole Veronique   HT    MC    25mins

Fillet of Sole in Olive Oil Sauce    HT   MC   30mins    August 2002

Sole Bonne Femme     HT     MC    30mins

Stuffed Flat Fish    HT  MC  30mins        June  2008

Seafood Casserole     HT   MC    50mins

Seafood Stew   HT   MC   French    90mins



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Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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