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General Information about Skate plus Skate recipes

Skate belong to the family Rajida.  It is a large seawater (marine) flatfish, with some species reaching a width of  over 2m/6feet. Although there are over  than 200 species found worldwide, most of the skate sold in the UK is in fact thornback ray,  which are found in coastal waters of Europe and the Atlantic coast of Africa.   The fins (wings) are the only edible part of a skate including the cartilage-type "bones" of young, small specimens.


Classed as a "white" fish, its flesh is firm, white and sweet, often likened to that of scallops. If it has a strong ammonia odour when purchased, it should be soaked in acidulated water for a short time. This delicious fish is ideal for people who don't like having to eat around fish-bones


Suitable substitutes for skate  - nothing we can think of.

Serving allowance of skate per person:  Allow +175g/6oz of skate wing per person



Skate Recipes

Skate with Browned Butter  HT  MC  30mins
Oven Roasted Glazed Skate   HT  MC 35min  

Skate with Duxelles    HT  MC  75mins

Normandy Skate  HT  MC  French   80mins


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Main equipment required to make this recipe

Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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