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Sea Bass


General information about Sea Bass plus Sea Bass recipes


Fishing Waters

The European sea bass belongs to the family Moronidae and is also known as sea dace.  It is a round bodied seawater (marine) fish found in waters around Europe, including the eastern Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and Black Sea.


Classed as a "white" fish it has silver sides and a white belly and can grow to  1m/3ft long and over 10kg.  It has a medium  sweet flavour with a medium texture and is a highly prized fish for culinary purposes. Bass farming in parts of in Europe has made it  both more affordable and available all year round which is timely as wild bass stocks is coming under pressure through commercial fishing.

Suitable substitutes for sea bass: Snapper, Sea Bream

Serving allowance per person:  Allow 175g/6oz of sea bass fillet per person for a main course


Sea Bass Recipes


Barbecued Sea Bass with Fennel  HT   BBQ  MC   20mins

Fried Fish With Kiwifruit    HT  MC  20mins      April  2006

Grilled Sea Bass with Anchovy Dressing    HT   MC   20mins    February 2004

Sea Bass with Chives    HT   MC   20mins      April 2003

Spicy Garlic Fish Fry    HT   MC   Pakistani   20mins plus marinating     September 2002

Sea Bass Parcels      HT  Chinese  MC  25mins     

Gingered Sea Bass with Chilli    HT  MC  25mins     New!   July  2008   

Grilled Fish with Almonds   HT   MC     25mins

Tequila Sea Bass     HT   MC   Mexican   25mins plus marinating     December 2002

Turmeric Fried Fish    HT  MC Cambodian  25mins plus marinating  December 2003

Bass with Lemon Sauce         HT  MC   30mins

Fish with Pineapple     HT   MC   Vietnamese   30mins     March 2003

Fritto Misto di Mare     HT     MC    Italian     30mins


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Malay Grilled Fish   HT  MC  Malaysian  30mins plus marinating        April  2005

Fish With Harissa      HT  MC  Tunisian  35mins       March  2006

Pla Rad Prik (Fish in Chilli)  HT   MC  Thai   35mins              

Sea Bass with Rosemary    HT  MC   35mins

Bass in Burgundy     HT  MC  French   45mins

Casseroled Garlic Coriander Fish   HT  MC  Egyptian  50mins        February 2007

Fish in Chilli Coconut Milk  HT  MC  Colombian  50mins    September  2007

Moroccan Baked Fish     HT   MC  Moroccan   50mins      June 2002

Stuffed Bass        HT  MC  Argentine  70mins     October 2003

Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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