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General Information about Salmon plus Salmon Recipes

Salmon is a  round bodied fish belonging to the family Salmonidae and is both a seawater (marine) and freshwater fish as typically, they are are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce.  Classed as an oily fish, the flesh is orange to red in colour. Wild salmon get this colouring from eating tiny shellfish however artificial colorants are added to the feed of farmed salmon.  Salmon is one of the few fish which is equally as popular eaten fresh, tinned and smoked.


Suitable substitutes for fresh salmon:  tuna, marlin and sea trout

Serving allowance per person:  Allow 100g-175g/4-6oz of salmon fillet or cutlet per person for a main course

Salmon Recipes

Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course       ACC = Accompaniment 


Salmon Ceviche    CD  MC  HD  Peruvian  10mins plus marinating    February 2003

Barbecued Salmon with Herbs  HT   BBQ   MC   15mins plus refrigeration

Marinated Salmon Fillets  HT  BBQ   MC   15mins plus Marinating

Salmon with Minted Yoghurt  HT  CD   MC   15mins      

Salmon with White Chocolate Sauce    HT  MC  20mins         March  2008

Sweet Whiskeyed Salmon    HT   BBQ   MC   20mins plus marinating

Salmon with Juniper        HT   MC  25mins

Malay Grilled Fish       HT  MC  Malaysian  30mins plus marinating        April  2005

Maple Ginger Salmon    HT  MC  30mins plus marinating        July 2004

Salmon and Courgette Omelette    HT  MC  30mins       August  2008

Crusted Mustard Salmon    HT  MC   35mins   May 2003

Potato and Salmon Salad   CD  MC  35mins        June 2008

Salmon and Sweetcorn Fishcakes    HT   MC  35mins     August 2002

Salmon with Rhubarb     HT   MC   35mins    April 2002


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Brazilian Baked Salmon    HT  MC  Brazilian  40mins     July 2002

Monterey Fish Pie    HT  MC  40mins      July  2008

Salmon & Smoked Haddock Pie     HT  MC  English   40mins       

Salmon Grutense       HT  MC  Argentine  40mins plus marinating    October 2003

Savoury Fish Crumble    HT  MC  40mins      October  2008

Roast Salmon with Caramelised Figs    HT  MC  45mins      June  2004

Salmon and Potato Slice   HT   MC  55mins

Salmon Pesto Quiche    HT  CD  MC  45mins   New!   June  2009

Salmon with Anchovies   HT  MC   70mins

Salmon Stuffed Baked Potatoes    HT   MC   80mins      April 2003

Baked Stuffed Salmon     HT MC Canadian 90mins        September  2006



Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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