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Eel Recipes and Information


General Information about Eel plus Eel recipes

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True eels belong to the order Anguilliformes which are snake-like fish. The different species live in fresh and seawater throughout much of the world and range in length from 10cm/4 inches  to over 3m/10feet.  Seawater eel are generally known as "conger" eel. They all have a fishy flavour with a firm to medium texture. A young freshwater eel is called an elver. 


Eel are popular in many cuisines particularly Japanese, Chinese and in Europe where it is sometimes smoked and considered a delicacy.


Casserole of Eel      HT  MC  40mins

Eels in Green Sauce    CD  MC  Belgian  45mins plus cooling    June 2003

Conger Eel with Anchovy Sauce    HT    MC    60mins    

Stewed Eels   HT   MC     80mins

Eel Pie   HT  CD  MC   100mins     


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Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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