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General Information about Cod Fish plus Cod Recipes


Cod belong to the family Gadidae, but the name is also used for a variety of other fishes. It is a round bodied seawater (marine) fish classed as a "white" fish, found primarily in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, including the North Sea, Icelandic waters and the Barents Sea. Cod can be large fish with some species growing to over 2m/6 feet long. 


It has a mild flavour and a dense very white flesh which flakes easily, and is very popular in many cuisines, particularly western cultures and is widely used in the UK's "fish and chip" shop market.  Cod has been an important economic commodity in Europe for over 1000 years, including the dried salted cod market  (also known as saltfish), which was used on long voyages from Europe to the New World and which consequently took a place in cuisines outside of Europe.


Suitable substitutes for cod:   include Haddock,  Hake, Catfish, Halibut.

Serving allowance per person:  Allow 100g-175g/4-6oz per person for a main course

30 Minutes and under

Jellied  Fish Mould   CD  MC  15mins plus chilling   February 2003

Fish and Chips     Ht    MC    English      20mins      

Savoury Cod Cutlets     CD     MC    20mins

Spicy Garlic Fish Fry    HT   MC   Pakistani   20mins plus marinating     September 2002

Sweet 'n Sour Fish     HT  Chinese  MC  20mins

Thai Red Fish Curry      July 2003

Balti Fish with Capsicums    HT  Indian  MC  25mins

Cajun Cod      HT   MC     Cajun      25mins         

Cod and Samphire en Papillote     HT MC  25mins   New!   April 2012

Cod with Parma Ham     HT   MC   25mins    September 2002

Grilled Fish with Almonds   HT   MC     25mins

Masala Fish   HT   Indian   MC   25mins plus marinating

Warm Cod and Couscous Salad    HT  MC  25mins         June 2008

Cod with Bean Stew         HT      MC   30mins


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Cod with Coriander    HT   MC     30mins     

Indonesian Fish Cakes   HT  MC  Indonesian   30mins plus marinating      July 2003

Kiwi Fish Curry     HT  MC  30mins      April  2006

Malay Grilled Fish   HT  MC  Malaysian  30mins plus marinating        April  2005

Martinique Blaff     HT  MC  West Indian  30mins plus marinating    May  2002

Salted Cod with Pimentos   HT  MC Spanish  30mins plus soaking         March 2002

Salt Fish Rougaille   HT  MC Mauritian 30mins plus soaking     

Cod with Apples      HT    MC     35mins

Fish With Harissa     HT  MC  Tunisian  35mins       March  2006

Pla Jian  (Fried Fish)    HT   MC   Thai   35mins   April 2002

Bacalhau a Baiana    HT  MC  Brazilian  40mins     July 2002

Devonshire Cod With Mushrooms      HT  MC  British   40mins

Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish     HT  MC  West Indian  40mins plus soaking       May 2002

Monterey Fish Pie    HT  MC  40mins       New!   July  2008

Salmon and Smoked Haddock Pie    HT  MC  English  40mins

Savoury Fish Crumble    HT  MC  40mins      New!   October  2008

Cod Au Gratin     HT  MC   45mins

Baked Fish with Plantain       HT   MC   Fijian   50mins      February  2004

Casseroled Garlic Coriander Fish     HT  MC  Egyptian  50mins        February 2007

Cheese Baked Fish    HT  MC  50mins      New!   July  2008

Moroccan Baked Fish     HT   MC  Moroccan   50mins      June 2002

Savoury Baked Fish    HT    MC   British   50mins 

Sumatran Fish Curry     HT  MC  Indonesian  55mins  July 2003    

Cod with Potato Balls         HT    MC         60mins

Garlic Baked Cod     HT   MC   60mins   July 2002

Newfoundland Cod Cakes    HT  MC  Canadian  60mins plus soaking   September  2006

Salt Cod Pie      HT  MC  Portuguese  60mins plus soaking       October  2004

Fish with Olives     HT   MC   Moroccan   70mins plus marinating      June 2002

Smoked Cod Pie   HT  MC   Irish   70mins              

Basque Salt Cod       HT    MC   Spanish   75mins

Green Fig and Saltfish Pie    HT  MC  West Indian  85mins   plus soaking     May 2002

Coconut Fish Curry Parcels (Amok Trei)   HT  MC  Cambodian 100mins  December  2003


Main equipment required to prepare fresh fish


Large and small sharp knives

Chopping board

De-scaler (optional)


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