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General Information about Anchovies plus Anchovy recipes



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What Are Anchovies?


Anchovies are small round-bodied seawater (marine) fish,  found in temperate waters worldwide, being rare in very cold or very warm seas and are particularly plentiful in the Mediterranean.   Classed as an "oily" fish they reach a maximum length of 23cm/9-inches but contain a lot of small bones which when cooked are edible and a source of calcium. They are one of the few fish which are more often eaten preserved than fresh in many cuisines worldwide.


When eaten fresh, the flesh has a delicious flavour and soft texture however  as mentioned above, they are more frequently sold persevered in tins, jars and as concentrate in tubes,  all of which preservations make the flavour is pungent and salty and the flesh very soft. Fresh, they are an excellent choice to serve  as a starter and preserved anchovies are used in many recipes including fish, meat, poultry and sauces. See also Anchovies origin uses recipes.


Anchovy Starters and Appetiser Recipes

Olive Caviar    CD  HD  10mins

Brill Pate    CD  HD  British  15mins plus chilling

Figs Stuffed with Tapenade    CD  HD  15mins

Bagna Cauda    HT  HD  20mins

Tomatoes Stuffed with Chicken CD HD 20mins

Anchovy Brochettes    HT  HD  30mins

Fresh Anchovies in Lemon    CD  HD  Italian  30mins plus marinating

Anchovy Ramekins    HT  HD  45mins

Fresh Anchovies au Gratin    HT  HD  45mins

Roman Escargots    HT  HD  Italian  70mins

Sardine Mousse    HT  HD  90mins

Danish Liver Pate    CD  HD  120mins plus cooling


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Anchovy  Main Course Recipes

Scallopini of Alligator     HT  MC  20mins

Spaghetti with Garlic & Anchovies  HT  MC Italian 20 mins

Anchovy Tuna and Olive Pizza    HT  MC  25mins       June  2008

Spicy Liver     HT   MC  Indonesian    25mins

Salad Nicoise      CD  MC   30mins

Tagliatelle with Chicken & Anchovy    HT  MC   35mins

Maquereaux en Papillotes     HT  MC  French 45mins

Salmon with Anchovies       HT  MC  70mins

Abbacchio alla Cacciatore     HT  MC  Italian  90mins

Aubergines Caskets    HT  MC  90mins

Stuffed Calamares (Squid)       HT  MC  90mins

Osso Buco with Orange     HT   MC   Italian  120mins

Anchovy  Accompaniments and Side Dish recipes

Quick Caesar Salad Dressing    CD  ACC  5mins   New!   August    2008

Anchovy Butter    CD  ACC  PFC  10mins

Green Goddess Dressing      CD  ACC  10mins

Anchovy Sauce for Fish     HT   ACC  15mins

Puttanesca Sauce    (for Pasta or Gnocchi)  HT  MC  Italian  15mins

Traditional Caesar Salad Dressing    CD  ACC  15mins    New!   August    2008

Anchovy Sauce for Beef      HT   ACC  20mins

Potato and Anchovy Salad      CD   ACC  30mins plus chilling

Roman Swiss Chard       HT  ACC  Italian  30mins

Anchovy and Rice Salad     CD   ACC   40mins

Potato and Anchovy Bake    HT   ACC   50mins



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