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Fish Main Course Recipes


A large collection of main course recipes using fish



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Remember !  If you have specific requirements, use the search form  on the  Search Page  to find all the  available recipes - e.g.   +ht   +mc  +swordfish  will find you a hot main course containing Swordfish  e.g. Swordfish with Thyme and Pernod. Recipes listed below by preparation time.



Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      MC = Main Course 


* Denotes A Weekday Menu Recipe



30 Minutes and under

* Piquant Smoked Mackerel Salad  CD  MC  10mins      June  2008

Red Snapper Cebiche    CD   MC   Peruvian   10mins plus marinating     February 2003

Salmon Ceviche    CD  MC  HD  Peruvian  10mins plus marinating    February 2003

* Caribbean Spicy Grilled Tuna   HT  MC   W Indian   15mins   July 2003

Glazed Swordfish    HT   MC    15mins plus marinating        

* Grilled Mackerel with Herbs   HT  MC   15mins        

Grilled Mullet     HT   MC   15mins  plus marinating

Herring with Mustard   HT  MC    15mins

Jellied  Fish Mould   CD  MC  15mins plus chilling   February 2003

* Salmon with Minted Yoghurt  HT  CD   MC   15mins      

Snapper with Mango Sauce     HT   MC   Mexican   15mins     December 2002

Swordfish with Thyme and Pernod     HT   MC   15mins plus marinating

Tunisian Snapper    HT  MC  Tunisian  15mins        March  2006

* Brill Fillets on Wilted Spinach     HT   MC   Thai  20mins      

Fish and Chips     HT  MC  English  20mins      

*Flounder in Lemon Dill Sauce     HT   MC   20min

Fried Fish With Kiwifruit    HT  MC 20mins      April  2006

Grilled Sea Bass with Anchovy Dressing    HT   MC   20mins    February 2004

* Haddock with Beetroot Sauce     HT  MC  20mins

Lemon Grilled Sardines    HT  MC  20mins   October 2010

* Mackerel with Gingered Gooseberries  HT  MC  English  20mins   June  2008

* Nut Crusted Halibut     HT  MC  20mins    December  2003

Poached Anchovies       HT   MC   Turkish   20mins      August 2003

Roast Sea Trout Fillets with Chive Sauce     HT  MC  20mins          April 2011

Salmon with White Chocolate Sauce    HT  MC  20mins    March  2008

Savoury Cod Cutlets     CD     MC    20mins

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Scottish Herring in Oatmeal   HT   MC  British    20mins       

* Sea Bass with Chives    HT   MC   20mins      April 2003

Simmered Flat Fish     HT   MC   Japanese   20mins     October  2002

Sole Meuniere     HT     MC    20mins

Spicy Garlic Fish Fry    HT   MC   Pakistani   20mins plus marinating     September 2002

Swordfish Skewers       HT  MC  Turkish   20mins plus marinating    August 2003

Swordfish with Ginger     HT   MC   20mins plus marinating

Thai Red Fish Curry      July 2003

Trout with Pickled Dill Cucumber        HT   MC   20mins

Tuna Pepper & Sweetcorn Pancakes    HT  MC  20 mins       January  2010

Tuna with Chermoula    HT   MC   Moroccan   20mins plus marinating         June 2002

Wrapped Steamed Halibut     HT   MC    20mins        

Anchovy Tuna and Olive Pizza    HT  MC  25mins     June  2008

Baked Marlin    HT    MC    25mins 

* Baked Plaice with Black Butter   HT   MC   25mins

* Baked Tuna    HT  MC  25mins      April  2008

* Cajun Cod      HT   MC     Cajun      25mins         

Cheesy Grilled Haddock   HT   MC     25mins

Cidered Herrings   HT   MC  British   25mins

Cod and Samphire en Papillote     HT MC  25mins     New!    April 2012

Cod with Parma Ham     HT   MC   25mins    September 2002

Devilled Herrings   HT   MC     25mins

* Fried Red Snapper     HT  MC   West Indian   25mins       May 2002 

Fish in Horseradish Sauce     CD  MC  Polish  25mins plus cooling and chilling           May   2005

Fish Kebabs   HT    MC    25mins

Fish Tacos     HT   MC   Mexican   25mins    December 2002

* Gingered Sea Bass with Chilli    HT  MC  25mins     July  2008

Grilled Fish with Almonds   HT   MC     25mins

Grilled Herrings   HT     MC   25mins

Haddock and Spinach Pasta    HT  MC  25mins      October   2008

Kedgeree  HT   MC  British   25mins        

Psaria Plaki  (snapper)   HT  MC  Greek  25mins plus marinating    August 2002

Savoury Herrings   HT   MC  25mins

Moqueca de Peixe     HT  MC  Brazilian  25mins plus marinating    July 2002

Moroccan Snapper     HT  MC  Moroccan  25mins plus marinating    June 2002

* Salmon with Juniper    HT   MC   25mins

Sole Veronique   HT    MC    25mins

Trout Curry with Coconut    HT   MC     25mins          

Trout in  Cream   HT   MC  25mins

* Trout with Almonds   HT   MC    25mins

Trout with Walnuts and Stilton  HT  MC   British   25mins    

Pan Fried Turbot     HT     MC    25mins

Parmesan Grilled Halibut     HT  MC  25mins       June  2008

Tequila Sea Bass     HT   MC   Mexican   25mins plus marinating     December 2002

Tuna with Lime     HT    MC   25mins

Turbot en Papillote     HT  MC  25mins

Turmeric Fried Fish    HT  MC  Cambodian  25mins plus marinating  December 2003

Ambot Tik       HT  MC  Goan  30mins    July 2003

Baked Plaice with Mushrooms     HT   MC  30mins

Bass with Lemon Sauce         HT  MC   30mins

Brema a la Gaditana   HT   MC   Spanish 30mins      March 2002

Casserole of Bream    HT   MC    30mins 

Citrus Orange Roughy    HT   MC   30mins    July 2002

* Cod with Bean Stew         HT   MC   30mins

Cod with Coriander    HT   MC    30mins     

Crispy Red Snapper     HT  MC   Vietnamese   30mins     March 2003

Fillet of Sole in Olive Oil Sauce    HT   MC   30mins    August 2002

Fish with Noodles    HT   MC  Vietnamese   30mins plus marinating      March 2003

Fish with Pineapple     HT   MC   Vietnamese   30mins     March 2003

Fritto Misto di Mare     HT     MC    Italian     30mins

Halaszle Fish Soup    HT   MC   Hungarian   30mins     November 2002

* Herb Crusted Trout     HT   MC   English   30mins    January 2003

Herring with Spinach     HT     MC     British     30mins        

Indonesian Fish Cakes   HT  MC  Indonesian    30mins plus marinating      July 2003

Kiwi Fish Curry     HT  MC  30mins      April  2006

Malay Grilled Fish       HT  MC  Malaysian  30mins plus marinating        April  2005

Maple Ginger Salmon    HT  MC  30mins plus marinating        July 2004

Marinated Mackerel    HT   MC   30mins plus marinating     March 2003  

Martinique Blaff        HT  MC  West Indian  30mins plus marinating    May  2002

Mild Yellow Fish Curry     HT  MC  Sri Lankan  30mins      July  2006

Monkfish Ragout     HT    MC     30mins

Mulets Meunière   HT  MC  30mins        April  2008

Normandy John Dory    HT     MC  French   30mins

Potted Herrings in Guiness   CD   MC   Irish   30mins plus cooling       

Salmon and Courgette Omelette    HT  MC  30mins         August  2008

Salted Cod with Pimentos   HT    MC   Spanish   30mins plus soaking         March 2002

Salt Fish Rougaille    HT    MC   Mauritian   30mins plus soaking     

* Skate with Browned Butter  HT   MC    30mins               

* Sole Bonne Femme     HT     MC    30mins

Spiced Herring    CD  MC  Finnish  30mins plus marinating       April  2007

Stilton Stuffed Plaice    HT   MC  British  30mins

Stuffed Flat Fish    HT  MC  30mins      June  2008


65 - 90 minutes

Baked Mackerel in White Wine    HT   MC  Bulgarian   65mins    March  2004

Baked Anchovy Pilav    HT  MC  Turkish   70mins plus standing       August 2003

Fish with Olives     HT  MC  Moroccan  70mins plus marinating      June 2002

Salmon with Anchovies   HT  MC  70mins

Smoked Cod Pie   HT  MC   Irish   70mins              

Stuffed Bass        HT  MC  Argentine  70mins     October 2003

Basque Salt Cod       HT    MC   Spanish   75mins

Brill and Vermouth Parcel  HT   MC   75mins plus marination        

Skate with Duxelles    HT   MC   75mins

Stewed Eels   HT   MC     80mins

Normandy Skate  HT   MC     French     80mins

Salmon Stuffed Baked Potatoes    HT   MC   80mins      April 2003

Braised Swordfish    HT   MC   Tahitian   85mins     May 2003

Green Fig and Saltfish Pie     HT  MC  West Indian  85mins   plus soaking     May 2002

Aubergines Caskets   HT    MC    90mins

Baked Stuffed Pike    HT  MC  Finnish  90mins      April  2007

Baked Stuffed Salmon     HT MC Canadian 90mins        September  2006

Mali Snapper   HT   MC     W. African     90mins

Seafood Stew   HT   MC   French    90mins


35 - 60 minutes

Oriental Salmon vegetable and noodle parcels   HT  MC  35 mins       New !  Oct 2014

* Cod with Apples       HT    MC   35mins

Crusted Mustard Salmon    HT  MC   35mins   May 2003

Devilled Sprats with Caper Sauce     HT   MC  35mins      

Finnan Haddie  HT   MC    Scottish    35mins      

Fish With Harissa      HT  MC  Tunisian  35mins       March  2006

* Haddock baked in Cream   HT   MC    35mins

Herb Baked Flounder        HT   MC   35mins               

Monkfish Brochettes   HT     MC   35mins

Mullet with Pine Nuts    HT  MC  35mins       April  2008

Oven Roasted Glazed Skate       HT   MC   35min  

Pla Jian  (Fried Fish)     HT   MC   Thai   35mins   April 2002

Pla Rad Prik (Fish in Chilli)  HT   MC   Thai     35mins              

Portuguese Plaice       HT    MC   35mins

Potato, Mackerel and Chorizo Fry    HT  MC  35mins       August   2008

Red Mullet Parcels    HT  MC  35mins       April  2008

Salmon and Sweetcorn Fishcakes    HT    MC    35mins     August 2002

* Salmon with Rhubarb     HT   MC   35mins    April 2002

* Sea Bass with Rosemary      HT      MC     35mins

Sea Bream with Port      HT  MC  Portuguese  35mins      October  2004

Sea Trout with Rhubarb     HT   MC  35mins          April 2011

Snapper with Crisp Vegetables    HT   MC   35mins     November 2002

Steamed Trout with Spring Onions   HT   MC  Cambodian  35mins   December 2003

Trout with Rhubarb Sauce    HT   MC   35mins   April 2002

Turbot in Red Wine    HT   MC   35mins    November 2002

Bacalhau a Baiana    HT  MC  Brazilian  40mins     July 2002

Baked Halibut with Oranges       HT    MC     40mins

Baked Sturgeon    HT  MC  Russian  40mins plus cooling     December  2004

Baked Trout with Bacon    HT  MC  Welsh  40mins       February  2008

Brazilian Baked Salmon    HT  MC  Brazilian  40mins     July 2002

Casserole of Eel      HT   MC   40mins

Cheesy Baked Plaice    HT  MC  40mins         July  2008

Devonshire Cod With Mushrooms      HT  MC  British   40mins

* Cidered Mackerel & Rhubarb  HT  MC  British  40mins  

Fish Stock   HT   CD   ACC    40mins  

Gesmoorde Snoek        HT   MC   South African   40mins     September 2003 

Gingered Tout with Mango    HT   MC   West Indian   40mins     May 2002

Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish     HT  MC  West Indian  40mins plus soaking       May 2002

Mackerel Mirella   HT   MC  Italian   40mins   

Monterey Fish Pie    HT  MC  40mins       July  2008

Plaice au Gratin     HT   MC     40mins

Pollack With Mushrooms   HT   MC    British    40mins      

Salmon & Smoked Haddock Pie     HT  MC  English   40mins       

Salmon Grutense       HT  MC  Argentine  40mins plus marinating    October 2003

Savoury Fish Crumble    HT  MC  40mins       October  2008

Spicy Grilled Halibut      HT   MC   40mins plus cooling     May 2003

Trout stuffed with Coriander       HT  MC   40mins

Trout with Raspberries      HT   MC  40mins  

Tuna with Raspberry Beurre Blanc Sauce HT MC 40mins       June 2002

Bacon Wrapped Whole Sea Trout    HT  MC  45mins       New!     April 2011

Bass in Burgundy     HT   MC   French    45mins

Cod Au Gratin     HT  MC   45mins

Casserole of Dabs     HT  MC   45mins

Eels in Green Sauce      CD   MC   Belgian   45mins plus cooling    June 2003

Fish in Beer      HT   MC   German   45mins    April 2003

Halibut Duglere     HT    MC    45mins

Huss Bake     HT    MC    British     45mins         

Huss with Tomatoes in Wine    HT  MC   45mins                

Anchovy Stuffed John Dory     HT  MC   45mins

Maquereaux en Papillotes   HT  MC  French  45mins  

Merluzas a la Gallega   HT  MC   Spanish 45mins    March 2002

Orange Roughy with Avocado    HT   MC   45mins     July 2002

Pollack Au Gratin     HT    MC   45mins     

Roast Salmon with Caramelised Figs    HT  MC  45mins      June  2004

Salmon Pesto Quiche    HT  CD  MC  45mins   New!   June  2009

Stuffed Whiting    HT   MC    British    45mins     

Tuna and Prawn Pancakes    HT   MC   45mins  February 2003

Badischer Pike     HT   MC   German   50mins plus standing      April 2003

Baked Fish with Plantain       HT   MC   Fijian   50mins      February  2004

Casseroled Garlic Coriander Fish     HT  MC  Egyptian  50mins        February 2007

Catfish Paella     HT   MC  Spanish  50mins  

Cheese Baked Fish    HT  MC  50mins        July  2008

Fish in Chilli Coconut Milk     HT  MC  Colombian  50mins    September  2007

Haddock with Lobster Sauce     HT    MC     50mins 

Moroccan Baked Fish     HT   MC  Moroccan   50mins      June 2002

Savoury Baked Fish    HT    MC   British   50mins      

Seafood Casserole     HT   MC    50mins

Marmitako     HT   MC   Spanish   55mins     March 2002

Salmon and Potato Slice   HT   MC       55mins

Salmon and Watercress Flan   HT  CD  MC  55mins      New!   June  2009

Stargazy Pie       HT  MC  British  55mins    

Sumatran Fish Curry     HT  MC  Indonesian  55mins  July 2003    

Bream en Papillotte    HT   MC   60mins   

Cod with Potato Balls    HT    MC    60mins

Conger Eel with Anchovy Sauce    HT    MC    60mins         

Curried Fish Pie   HT  MC  New Zealand  60mins   February  2008

Garlic Baked Cod     HT   MC   60mins   July 2002

Mediterranean Swordfish       HT   MC   Italian   60mins     June 2003

Mediterranean Tuna    HT  MC  Italian  60mins   April  2008

Newfoundland Cod Cakes    HT  MC  Canadian  60mins plus soaking           September  2006

Salt Cod Pie      HT  MC  Portuguese  60mins plus soaking       October  2004

Snapper Crillo          HT  MC  Venezuelan   60mins          June 2004

Soused Herring   CD  British  60mins plus cooling    April  2008

Soused Mackerel   CD   MC  British   60mins plus cooling

Chilli Prawn and Spinach Flan   HT  MC  60mins    New!   June  2009

Tuna and Sweetcorn Quiche    HT  CD  MC  60mins      New!   June  2009



Over 90 minutes

Coconut Fish Curry Parcels (Amok Trei)   HT  MC  Cambodian 100mins  December  2003

Eel Pie   HT  CD  MC   100mins

Paella a la Valencia 1 HT MC Spanish 120mins     March 2002


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