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England Test Cricket 2008 Info/Recipes

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A little English Test Cricket History (Very Brief)

Although the first ever International cricket match was played in 1844 between Canada and the United states ( ! ),  the first ever official Test Match started on the 15th of March 1877 between  England and Australia in Melbourne and consisted of just two matches. The Australians won the first by 45 runs but England won the second by 4 wickets, resulting in a  series draw.  The latest team to have been admitted to test Cricket is Bangladesh (see below).


The term "test" means exactly what it says. The series are played over several days during which time the teams have to show,  not only sporting talent, but also tactics and forward thinking - a little like chess - something which in latter years seems to have escaped some international players who seem more intent on showing the  flashy strokes they can perform rather than thinking of the team as a whole. We will mention no names (WIndies).


Whilst there's no Test Series between Australia and England in 2008,  no page on English Test Cricket would be complete without at least a brief mention of The Ashes and the infamous Bodyline.





The term Ashes goes back to the to the 9th Test Match, played in 1882 between Australia and England in Australia, when England lost the series resulting in a London newspaper running a satirical obituary heralding the 'death of English cricket'. The ashes are supposed to be a bail which was burnt to commemorate the death. 


Many believe that Bodyline was a direct result of England wanting to regain the Ashes in the 1932-33 test series in Australia. It was a term given to a bowling tactic devised by England Captain Douglas Jardine, primarily to curb the brilliant batting of Don Bradman by fast accurate bowlers such as Harold Larwood, bowling directly at the line of the body, which had the effect of intimidating batsmen who, at that time wore very little protection and so would need to duck and dive to avoid  getting hit by the hurtling ball.  The practise caused an international row, not only between the cricketing bodies in England and Australia but also affected political relations between the two countries.


Current Test Cricket

There are currently ten teams which participate in international Test matches as follow


First Test Match Played

Flag of Australia Australia

March 15, 1877

Flag of England England

Flag of South Africa South Africa

March 12, 1899

Flag of British West Indies West Indies

June 23, 1928

Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

January 10, 1930

Flag of India India

June 25, 1932

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan

October 16, 1952

Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

February 17, 1982

Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

October 18, 1992

Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh

November 10, 2000

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Fixtures and Recipes


England  vs.  New Zealand

Stargazy Pie   HT  MC  British  55mins Curried Fish Pie   HT  MC  New Zealand  60mins

First Test-Lords, London 
Thursday  15/05/2008  to 19/5/2008

Second Test-Old Trafford, Manchester
Friday  23/05/2008 to 27/05/2008

Third Test-Trent Bridge-Nottingham
Thursday  05/06/2008 to 9/06/2008

England  vs.    South Africa

Shepherd's Pie    HT  MC  English  60mins Bobotie    HT  MC  South African  110mins

First Test-Lords, London

Thursday  10/07/2008 to 14/07/2008

Second Test-Headingley Carnegie-Leeds
Friday  18/07/2008  to 22/07/2008

Third Test-Edgbaston-Birmingham
Wednesday  30/07/2008  to 03/08/2008

Fourth Test - The Oval-London
Thursday   07/08/2008 to 11/08/2008

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