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Egyptian Recipes

A collection of traditional recipes from Egypt


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Below are just a few Egyptian recipes for you to try. We hope you enjoy them. Donít forget to take a look at the Egyptian Main page which gives lots of information about Egyptian food, the Egyptian Speciality Dish and the Egyptian Featured Ingredient sections.


Happy Cooking!


Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course       ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding     CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre


Soups & Starters

White Bean Hummus     Veg  CD  HD   10mins

Chickpea and Tomato Soup    Veg  HT  SP  45mins

Bean Cakes    Veg   HT  CD  HD  PFC   50mins plus soaking

Yoghurt Soup    HT  SP   50mins

Egyptian Lentil Soup    Veg  HT  SP    60mins

Broad Bean Soup     Veg  HT  SP  90mins plus soaking


Main Courses and Soups

Egyptian Kofta    HT  MC  20mins plus chilling

Egyptian Spiced Prawns     HT  MC    20mins

Spiced Shish Kebabs    HT  MC   40mins

Casseroled Garlic Coriander Fish     HT  MC   50mins

Koshari     Veg  HT  MC  Egyptian  50 mins

Beef with Okra     HT  MC   60mins

Egyptian Stuffed Aubergines     HT  MC   70mins

Lemon Chicken with Figs    HT  MC   75mins

Stuffed Pigeon      HT   MC    80mins

Lemon Lamb    HT  MC   90mins plus marinating

Ful Mudammas



Cucumber Mint Yogurt     Veg  CD  ACC   10mins

Egyptian Dukka     Veg  CD  ACC  15mins

Quick Pitta Bread Veg HT ACC 15mins

Spicy Chickpeas     Veg  HT  ACC  25mins

Vegetable Rice    Veg   HT   ACC   30mins

Spinach With Dill    Veg  HT  ACC  40mins

Barley Flatbreads    Veg  HT  ACC  50mins plus proving 

Pitta Bread   Veg  HT CD ACC 50mins

Sesame Bread Rings  Veg  CD  CBF  70mins plus proving


Desserts and Baked Fayre

Spiced Oranges    Veg  CD  DP  20mins plus chilling

Pumpkin Pudding     Veg  CD  DP  25mins plus cooling

Barley Flatbreads    Veg  HT  ACC  CBF 50mins plus proving 

Pitta Bread   Veg  HT CD ACC 50mins

Semolina Cake     Veg  CD  CBF  70mins

Sesame Bread Rings  Veg  CD  CBF  70mins plus proving

Fig Date and Walnut Bread    Veg CD CBF  85mins plus cooling

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