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 Duck Goose and Turkey Recipes


A collection of Duck, Goose and Turkey Main Course Recipes


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Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold       MC = Main Course 

* Denotes a A Weekday Menu Recipe


Duck and Goose Main Course Recipes     

Satay Duck     HT    MC     20mins

Duck Fritters    HT  MC  35mins    February 2008

*Stir Fried Duck with Asparagus   HT  MC  Chinese  30mins     April 2008

Honey Duck Breasts with Lavender    HT   MC   35mins plus marinating   October  2002

* Cider Braised Duck with Cranberry   HT  MC   British   35mins       

* Duck Breasts with Figs     HT  MC  French  45mins      June  2004

* Duck with Raspberry Sauce    HT   MC   English    45mins   June 2002

Roasted duck with grapefruit sauce     HT  MC  45mins    New!   May 2011

Duck Poached in Tea         HT     MC    60mins

Normandy Duck     HT  MC  French   70mins

Duck with Cumberland Sauce   HT   British    MC    75mins

Peruvian Rice With Duck    HT   MC   80mins    February 2003

Roast Honeyed Duck     HT    MC    Approx  80mins    

Roast Duck with Caramel     HT   MC   100mins                

Feijoada a Francesa    HT   MC   Brazilian 140mins        July 2002

Duck with Apricot Stuffing     HT    MC     190mins

Roast Goose with Cranberry & Orange  HT  MC  British 190mins       

Roast Goose with Hazelnut Stuffing    HT  MC   195mins               

Goose with Apple     HT   MC  British   200mins plus marinating 

Tourtière du Saguenay    HT  MC  Canadian  200mins         September  2006               


Turkey Main Course Recipes

Oriental Salad     CD  MC   15mins plus cooling            December  2006

Turkey Tacos   HT   MC  Mexican   20mins plus marinating      

*Fruity Turkey Breasts     HT   MC   25mins    June 2002

Turkey Breasts with Plums     HT  MC   25mins plus marinating

Turkey Hash     HT  MC  25mins     December  2006

Coriander Turkey Burgers    HT  MC  30mins      April 2008

* Curried Turkey Couscous    HT  MC  30mins       June  2008

* Herby Grilled Turkey Breast   HT  MC  30mins       October 2007

Turkey Ginger Stir Fry    HT  MC  30mins      October   2008

* Coriander Turkey Steaks    HT  MC  35mins      July  2008

* Quick Braised Turkey Steaks   HT  MC  35mins         October   2008

* Turkey Breast with  Asparagus   HT   MC    35mins 

Turkey Feta Meatballs    HT  MC  35mins      New!   May 2009

* Cheesy Turkey Escallops       HT   MC  40mins

Monterey Turkey Bake    HT  MC  40mins      July  2008

Ottoman Pilaf    HT  MC  Middle Eastern  40mins     February 2008

Turkey & Spinach Bake    HT  MC   British    40mins   

Turkey Biryani    HT  MC  40mins        December  2006

Turkey, Almond and Cheese Bake   HT   MC   British    45mins       

Turkey and Stuffing Bake      HT   MC   50mins         

Turkey Cacciatora     HT   MC   Italian     50mins

Turkey and Ham Crumble    HT  MC  English    55mins        

Leftover Turkey Pancakes     HT  MC  60mins     December   2005

Leftovers Turkey Pie     HT   MC   British     65mins        

Puerto Rico Stuffed Turkey Legs  HT  MC  S. American  70mins plus marinating

Cranberry, Almond Turkey Flan    HT  MC  British   75mins       

Braised Turkey Breast in Mushroom Sauce  HT MC  120mins   January 2002

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