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Dairy Free Main Courses


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Here is a selection of  Dairy Free main course recipes. More can be found in other Main Course categories on this site e.g. Beef and Veal, Chicken, Pasta, rice & Pulses, Fish and Shellfish etc.



Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup        MC = Main Course  




Beef in Oyster Sauce     HT  Chinese   MC   15mins plus marination

Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry        HT  Chinese    MC    20mins plus marination

Neua Pad Kimao (Flamed Beef)         HT   MC   Thai    20mins

Steak with Balsamic Prune Sauce     HT  MC  20mins       March 2005

Steamed Beef with Capsicums     HT   MC   20mins

Beef with Ginger and Bok Choy         HT   Chinese   MC   25mins plus marination

Fillet of Beef Teriyaki         HT   MC   30mins

Mustard Fillet Steaks         HT   MC   30mins

Skewered Mixed Grill         HT   MC   40mins

Beef with Physalis     HT  MC   60mins

Osso Buco with Orange     HT   MC    Italian     120mins

Veal with Rosemary         HT   MC    120mins

Beef in Guinness         HT   MC   Irish     140mins

Chilli Con Carne         HT   MC    Italian     140mins

Braised Beef             HT   MC    170mins

Veal Stock         HT    CD   ACC   180mins

Basic Beef Stock      HT   CD   ACC   360mins

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Chargrilled Langoustine          HT   MC   15mins

Glazed Swordfish         HT   MC   15mins plus marinating

Grilled Mackerel with Herbs       HT  MC   15mins

Grilled Mullet       HT    MC   15mins

Swordfish with Thyme and Pernod     HT   MC   15mins

Swordfish with Ginger         HT   MC    20mins

Tuna with Chermoula     HT   MC   Moroccan   20mins plus marinating    

Wrapped Steamed Halibut      HT   MC   20mins

Eggless Seafood Tempura     HT     MC   30mins

Pla Rad Prik (Fish in Chilli)     HT   MC   Thai     35mins 

Cajun Cod       HT   MC   Cajun   25mins

Cidered Herrings       HT   MC   25mins

Moroccan Snapper     HT   MC   Moroccan   25mins plus marinating       June 2002

Trout Curry with Coconut         HT    MC    25mins

Tuna with Lime         HT   MC    25mins

Turbot en Papillote         HT  MC   25mins

Fritto Misto di Mare         HT     MC   Italian   30mins

Monkfish Brochettes     HT    MC   35mins

Saffron Mussels         HT    MC   35min

Fish Stock         HT  CD    ACC    40mins

Moroccan Baked Fish      HT   MC   Moroccan   50mins   

Garlic Baked Cod    HT   MC   60mins  

Mali Snapper         HT  MC   W. African   90mins

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