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Dairy Free Accompaniment Recipes

A collection of dairy free sides recipes


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Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold            ACC = Accompaniment




Fried Parsley         Veg     HT    ACC     10mins

Courgette Tempura         HT     Veg     ACC     15mins

Peach Salsa     Veg   CD   ACC   15mins plus resting 

Mexican Corn         Veg     HT     ACC     20mins

Salat Tangiers    Veg   CD   ACC   Moroccan   20mins plus chilling  

Creole Sweet Potatoes         Veg     HT     ACC    Caribbean     25mins

Garlic Asparagus with Ginger    Veg   HT   ACC   25mins     March 2002

Moroccan Aubergine Salad     Veg   CD   ACC   Moroccan   25mins plus standing   

Re-fried Beans (Frijoles Refritos)       Veg  HT   ACC   Mexican   25mins

Salsify and Apple Sauté   Veg  HT  ACC  English  25mins   May 2002

Allspice Beans    Veg    HT   ACC   30mins      January 2002

Aubergine Tempura       HT   Veg   HD   30mins

Broccoli in White Wine Sauce       Veg   HT  ACC  30mins

Dumplings for Stews       HT    ACC    30mins

Herb Dumplings      HT  ACC   30mins

Roman Swiss Chard      HT  ACC  Italian   30mins

French Style Swedes     HT  ACC   French     35mins

Plantain Fries         Veg     HT  ACC   Caribbean    35mins plus soaking

Roman Broccoli         Veg     HT  ACC   Italian     40mins

Green Beans with Basil         Veg   HT    ACC     45mins

Potato Gnocchi         Veg   HT   ACC   Italian     45mins

Ratatouille         Veg   HT   CD   ACC   45mins

Green Beans in Sofrito Sauce     HT   ACC   50mins

Kamfounata     Veg   HT   CD   ACC Moroccan    60 mins plus standing     June  2002

Sweet and sour red cabbage   HT   ACC   80mins

Jacket Potatoes         Veg   HT   ACC   90mins

Venetian Green Beans         Veg   HT  ACC   Italian   90mins

Pumpkin Puree         HT  CD  Veg   up to 110mins plus cooling

Red Cabbage with Pears         Veg    HT     135min

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Apricot Couscous   Veg   HT   ACC    N. African   15mins

Eggless/dairy free  Homemade Pasta      HT   CD   Veg   MC   20mins plus resting

Indonesian Rice         Veg   HT  ACC   20mins

Lemon Bulgar Wheat Salad         Veg  CD    PIC   25mins plus standing

Orange Rice         HT   Veg   ACC    25mins plus soaking

Coconut Rice         Veg   HT  MC   35mins

Creole Rice         HT    ACC  Caribbean  35mins

Hot Fried Rice     Veg   HT  ACC   35mins

Couscous Salad         Veg   CD  ACC   45mins

Rice with Courgettes         Veg  HT  ACC   55mins

Pecan Pilaf         Veg    CD     ACC  60mins

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Dairy Free Banana Sauce       CD   Veg   ACC   5mins

Sherry Chilli Dipping Sauce     Veg   CD   ACC   Japanese   5mins

Dairy Free Mustard Sauce         HT   Veg   ACC   10mins

Dairy Free Parsley Sauce         HT   Veg   ACC   10mins

Dairy Free White Sauce         HT   Veg   ACC     10mins

Eggless Mayonnaise Substitute       CD    Veg   ACC  10mins plus chilling

Tahini Dressing for Vegetables and Pasta     CD  Veg  ACC  10mins

Sweet and Sour Sauce         HT  ACC  Chinese  10mins

Dairy Free Creme Anglaise          HT  CD  Veg  ACC   15mins

Dairy Free Raspberry Coulis         CD  Veg  ACC   15mins plus cooling

Dairy Free Onion Sauce         HT  Veg  ACC   20mins

Eggless Homemade Pasta     HT  CD  Veg   MC   20mins plus resting

Homemade Honey Mustard         CD  Veg  ACC  20mins plus soaking

Red Chilli Sauce for Pasta, Poultry and Meats     Veg    HT   ACC   20mins  

Dairy Free Apple and Maple Sauce        HT    CD   ACC   25mins

Basil and Tomato Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC   30mins

Dairy Free Tomato Sauce     HT  CD   Veg   ACC  30mins

Onion Gravy         HT  ACC   British  30mins

Easy Pizza Tomato Sauce         Veg    HT  ACC  Italian  35mins

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