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Courgette & Marrow Recipes

A collection of recipes using Marrow and Courgettes

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Below is a small selection of the many courgette (zucchini) and marrow recipes on this site. To find them all, use the Search Page.


Marrow and Courgette Starters and Soup recipes

Grilled Courgettes with Mozzarella    Veg  CD  HD  BBQ  25mins

Courgettes in Yoghurt    Veg  CD  ACC  HD  Bulgarian 30mins plus cooling

Courgette Soup    HT  SP  MC  Indonesian  30mins

Coriander Soup    HT  SP  Brazilian  35mins

Herby Rice Stuffed Courgette Flowers    Veg HT HD 40mins

Ricotta Stuffed Courgette Flowers    Veg  HT  HD  40mins

Twice Baked Edam Soufflés    Veg  HT  HD  45mins plus cooling    November  2008

Soupa Horiatiki    HT  SP  Greek  85mins

Soya Vegetable Soup    Veg  H T 100mins

Courgette and Herb Pate    Veg  CD  HD  120mins plus cooling

Vegetable Terrine    Veg  CD  HD  150mins plus chilling


Marrow and Courgette Main Course recipes


Grilled Vegetables with Feta    Veg HT MC BBQ 20mins

Courgette and Liver Fry    HT MC 25mins

Vegetarian Tempura    Veg HT MC Japanese 25mins

Casserole of Bream    HT MC 30mins

Courgette and Mozzarella Pasta    Veg HT MC Italian 30mins

Salmon and Courgette Omelette    HT MC 30mins

Chicken Kebabs with Coriander    HT MC 35mins

Goodhi Bhaji    Veg HT Indian MC 35mins

Spicy Tofu    Veg HT MC 35mins

Vegetable Paella    HT Veg MC 35mins

Monterey Pasta Bake    Veg HT MC 40mins plus standing

Vegetable Goulash    Veg HT MC Hungarian 40mins

Vegetable Kedgeree    Veg HT MC 40mins plus soaking

Curried Vegetables with Lentils    Veg HT Indian 45mins

Lamb and Courgette Bake    HT MC M.Eastern 45mins

Quinoa Stew    Veg HT MC Peruvian 45mins

Cheese Stuffed Courgettes    Veg HT MC 50mins

Chicken Stuffed Marrow    HT MC English 50mins

Polenta Stuffed Peppers    HT Veg MC 50mins

Courgette Quiche    Veg HT CD 60mins

Roasted Vegetables with Goats’ Cheese    Veg HT MC ACC 60mins

Mediterranean Tian of Asparagus    Veg HT MC 65mins

Vegetable Crumble    Veg HT MC 70mins

Linguine with Roasted Vegetables    Veg HT MC 75mins

Vegetable Stuffed Marrow    Veg HT 75mins

Ratatouille    Veg HT MC French 90mins

Stuffed Marrow    HT MC 90mins

Potato Courgette Casserole    Veg HT MC 100mins

Sausage And Vegetable Stew    HT MC Italian 300mins


Marrow and Courgette side dish recipes

Marrow and Ginger Chutney


Courgette Chutney

Courgette Salad    Veg  CD  ACC  15mins        July   2008

Courgette Tempura     Veg  HT ACC  15mins

Vegetables in Peanut Sauce    Veg  HT  ACC  15mins

Courgette Couscous    Veg  HT  ACC  20mins       August   2008

Fried Courgette Blossoms    Veg  HT  ACC  20mins    

Sautéed Courgettes  Veg  HT  ACC  20mins

Breaded Marrow    Veg  HT  ACC  25mins      August   2008

Buttered Courgettes    HT   ACC   25mins

Courgettes with Capers     Veg  HT  ACC  Italian  25mins    

Spicy Moroccan Vegetables     Veg   HT   ACC   Moroccan   25mins    

Chilli Marrow    Veg  HT  ACC  30mins       August   2008

Courgettes in Yoghurt   Veg  CD  ACC  HD  Bulgarian  30mins plus cooling    

Fijian Courgettes    HT   ACC   Fijian   30mins    

Vegetable Bhugia    Veg  HT  Indian  ACC  30mins

Deep Fried Courgettes     Veg    HT   40mins

Pisto a la Bilbaina    Veg    HT   ACC   Spanish   40mins  

Courgettes Au Gratin   Veg   HT  ACC   50mins

Baked Honeyed Vegetables    Veg  HT  ACC  55mins

Rice with Courgettes    Veg  HT  ACC   55mins 

Kamfounata    Veg  HT  CD  ACC  Moroccan  60 mins plus standing

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