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Countdown to Christmas

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As early as November there are some culinary related  tasks you should consider starting to ensure a stress-free holiday period.


2nd week in November

Turkey or Goose 

If you want to get a fresh turkey or goose from your supermarket, or anywhere else, you'd do well to order  it  now as you may be surprised at how quickly stocks run out, especially free-range and organic birds.


3rd week in November

Christmas Puddings

Make your Christmas puddings early  The aim is to re-boil/steam then for a couple of hours every two weeks or so which results in an incredibly dark rich pudding. Makes 1 medium sized pudding go a long way.



Why not start your Christmas food shopping now. Tinned and bottled items such as pickles should be in plentiful supply at your shops.


4th week in November


Christmas Cake

If you want to make a traditional cake with marzipan and icing, ideally, once you've covered the cake with the marzipan, you should wait a week before icing.


Turkey or Goose 

 If you haven't already done so, order  it  now to avoid disappointment.


Culinary jobs for December

1st week in December


Christmas Puddings

Continue re-boiling home made Christmas puddings once every 2 weeks


Christmas cake

Now's the last chance  to marzipan your cake if you haven't already done so.



Now's a good time to make your own mincemeat especially if you find shop-bought varieties too sweet or not to your liking.


2nd week in December



There's probably still enough time to order your turkey but don't delay. Many specialist suppliers are sold out by now especially if you want  the delicious Bronze  or free range birds.



Now's a good time to stock up on items such as extra wide aluminium foil, wooden cocktail sticks, festive linen or paper napkins, crackers and any bakeware items you may need such as large roasting tins and baking trays. . . . lest you forget or the shops run low. 


Christmas cake

Ice your cake.

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3rd week in December


Christmas cake

Now's the last chance to ice your cake.


Christmas Puddings

Last re-boiling of  home made Christmas puddings before the day.



There's still time to make your own mincemeat.



Now's the time to buy in less perishable  items such as potatoes, parsnips, chestnuts, nuts, streaky bacon etc. Don't leave it until Christmas week to avoid disappointment.


Time Plan

Take an hour out, put your feet up and make a list of all the remaining things to do. Include things like making mince pies, planning meals on Christmas eve,  Christmas day  and Boxing day. We've got some handy print-offs to help you in the Buying Christmas food  and  Christmas Lunch Menu and Time Plan  sections.



Christmas Week


If you've followed the above, the only things left to do are collect the turkey and buy last minute perishables such as cream.


Happy (forward) Planning !


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