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National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Month


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Whilst Recipes4us is essentially a British site, as we are a nation  of  ice cream lovers, we think the rest of the world should adopt this US National Ice Cream Day so we've dedicated a whole page on it.


This isn't an age-old National Month in America. In fact, it was President Ronald Regan (1981-1989) who designated that the third Sunday of July be National Ice Cream Day and also  July as National Ice Cream Month.

Equipment Needed to make Ice Cream


It's not difficult to make ice cream at home and you don't have to have an ice cream maker either although they do make an easy job even easier although it really depends on what recipe you're using, though whatever the type, you must have a freezer or freezer compartment in your fridge.


For many recipes you can get away with a mixing bowl, sieve, freezer proof container and utensils like a wooden spoon. For others you can add to that list a saucepan and a blender or food processor.

For information about choosing and using Ice Cream Machines visit our buyers guide. Seed the link at the top of the page.


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Types of Ice Cream

The two traditional types of ice cream recipes are ones made with an egg-custard base and ones made with cream as the base but there are now many variations which stray from these including ones using yoghurt, evaporated milk, crème frâiche and tofu - the letter being ideal for vegans. There are a few examples of all these types of ice creams listed below.

Cream based ice creams are the easiest as basically, they are just cream with added flavourings in the form of chocolate, fruit etc. However, although custard based ice creams involve more "cooking", they have the advantage that they can be adapted to contain less calories by substituting milk (including skimmed) for the cream.. They also tend to have a lighter, softer texture.

The nice thing about home made ice cream is that you can adjust the flavourings to suit your own tastes. So, if you like the taste of honey, for example, you can substitute it for some of the sugar content.

Just as an aside, this brings to mind the story of a chef we have in England who serves unusual dishes at his restaurant (The Fat Duck in Bray)  including Bacon and Egg Ice cream!  May sound weird but that restaurant has been voted one of the best places to eat in the world.


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Below are just a few of the many ice cream and sorbet recipes on this site plus some recipes for sauces and other accompaniments to serve with your home made ice cream including meringue cases and Tuilles, a light biscuit, which also help to use up the leftover egg whites from custard-based recipes.


Happy Ice Cream making!



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