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Cooking with Wines


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  • This section includes wine and champagne. For Vermouth, Sherry, Port, Marsala and Madeira visit the fortified wine section

  • If you can't drink it - don't use it in cooking

  • Where possible use the same wine in the recipe as you will be drinking with the meal

  •  Add a splash of the original alcohol to soups, stews, sauces and casseroles just before serving to reinforce the flavour

  • Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays for adding to stocks, soups and gravies

  • Buy  bottles of wines and keep in your store cupboard for use in the kitchen

  • Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature to other liquids, excessive use in frozen desserts is not advisable


Below are just a few of the hundreds of recipes on this site using wines.

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Starters & Soups

Red Wine

Chorizo in Red Wine Tapas    HT  HD Spanish 15mins


White Wine and Champagne

Brie Pate    Veg CD HD 10mins plus chilling

Champagne Oysters    HT HD French 15mins

Mushrooms a la Grecque    Veg CD HD Greek 20mins

Scallops in Cream    HT HD 20mins

Steamed Mussels    HT HD Belgian 25mins

Chilled Pea and Mint Soup    Veg CD SP Swedish 30mins plus chilling

Foie Gras with Rhubarb    HT HD 40mins

Meggyleves Cherry Soup    Veg CD SP Hungarian 40mins plus chilling

Onion Soup with Wine    Veg HT SP 45mins

Broccoli and Stilton Soup    Veg HT SP English 50mins

Lanark Poached Pears    Veg HT HD Scottish 70mins plus cooling

Calamaria Parayemista     HT HD Greek 115mins


Main Courses

Red Wine

Lamb with Green Butter Balls     HT MC 20mins plus marinating

Venison in Red Wine     HT MC 25mins

Linguine with Kidney and Liver     HT MC 30mins

Turbot in Red Wine     HT MC 35mins

Guinea Fowl with Red Wine     HT MC 40mins

Frango ao Vinho     HT MC Brazilian 45mins

French Cottage Pies     HT MC French 45mins

Sea Bass in Burgundy     HT MC French 45mins

Bagged Pigeons     HT MC 60mins

Bolognese Sauce    HT MC 60mins

Braised Rabbit in Rioja    HT MC Spanish 65mins

Chestnut and Red Wine Pate en Croute    Veg HT MC 70mins

Wild Boar Sausages In Red Wine    HT MC French 70mins

Buffalo in Red Wine    HT MC 75mins

Agneau a la Paysanne    HT MC French 80mins

Celeriac Bake    Veg HT MC 80mins

Casserole of Pheasant with Chestnuts    HT MC 90mins

Chicken en Daube    HT MC French 90mins

Chicken in Red Wine    HT MC 90mins

Oven Roasted Pheasant with Red Wine Sauce    HT MC British 95mins

Chestnut Loaf    Veg HT MC English 140mins

Beef in Burgundy    HT MC French 165mins plus marinating

Estouffade de Boeuf Provencale    HT MC French 180mins

Jugged Hare    HT MC British 240mins plus marinating


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White Wine and Champagne

Foie en Meurette    HT MC French 20mins

Grilled Scallops Provencal    HT MC French 20mins

Calves Liver with Salami    HT MC 25mins

Sole Veronique   HT MC 25mins

Turkish Lamb Chops    HT MC Turkish 25mins

Quail With Juniper and Gin    HT MC English 35mins

Panfried Chicken with Stilton    HT MC English 40mins

Risotto Bianco    Veg HT MC Italian 40mins

Tuna with Raspberry Beurre Blanc Sauce    HT MC 40mins

Eels in Green Sauce    CD MC Belgian 45mins plus cooling

Grouse with Pear Sauce    HT MC British 45mins

Leek and Onion Pancakes    Veg HT MC 45 mins

Fricassee of Veal with Paprika    HT MC 50mins

Bream en Papillotte    HT MC 60mins

Huss with Tomatoes in Wine    HT MC 60mins

Chicken in White Wine    HT MC 80mins

Flemish Mussel Croquettes    HT MC Belgian 85mins plus cooling

Chicken in Muscadet     HT MC French 110mins

Basque Lamb Stew    HT MC Spanish 120mins

Braised Turkey Breast in Mushroom Sauce    HT MC 120mins

Chicken Marengo    HT MC 120mins

Osso Buco with Orange    HT MC Italian 120mins

Roast Goose with Cranberry and Orange    HT MC British 190mins



Red Wine

Grenadine Wine Marinade    CD BBQ ACC 5mins

Wine Marinade     Veg CD ACC 5mins

Cherry Sauce     Veg  HT ACC  20mins

Juniper Marinade for Meat     Veg CD ACC 50mins

Sweet and sour Red Cabbage     HT ACC 80mins


White Wine and Champagne

Orange-Honey Marinade    Veg CD ACC 5mins plus standing

Herb Marinade      CD ACC 10mins

Mustard Sauce for Meat and Poultry     HT ACC 15mins

Broccoli in White Wine Sauce     Veg HT ACC 30mins

Dilly Carrots     Veg HT ACC 30mins

Sauce Bonne Femme for Poultry     HT ACC 40mins

Topinambours en Daube     Veg HT ACC  French  45mins

Baked Honeyed Vegetables    Veg HT ACC 55mins

Baked Sauerkraut with Apples     HT  ACC  German  80mins



Red Wine

Chilli Poached Pears       Veg CD DP 30mins plus cooling

Baked Mango     Veg CD DP Tahitian 50mins plus chilling

Apples in Red Wine      Veg CD DP Polish 70mins plus chilling

Baked Prune Cheesecake     Veg CD DP 90mins plus standing and cooling


White Wine and Champagne

Creme de Abacate     Veg CD DP Brazilian 10mins

Kiwifruit Sorbet     Veg CD DP 20mins plus freezing

Mulled Plums     Veg CD DP 20mins plus cooling

Cava Sorbet     Veg CD DP Spanish 25mins plus freezing

Pears with Spiced Cranberry Sauce     Veg CD DP 45mins


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