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Cooking with Spirits

A collection of recipes using spirits


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Below are some of the recipes on this site using spirits. To find them all  use the Search Page


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  • If you can't drink it - don't use it in cooking

  • When flambéing heat the alcohol in a metal ladle or small saucepan before setting it alight

  •  Add a splash of the original alcohol to soups, stews, sauces and casseroles just before serving to reinforce the flavour

  • Buy miniatures and keep in your store cupboard for use in the kitchen

  • When using alcohol in  milk or cream sauces burn off the alcohol before adding to the sauce to prevent curdling

  • Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature to other liquids, excessive use in frozen desserts is not advisable

Recipes using Brandy

Starters & Soups

Brie Pate      Veg CD HD 10mins plus chilling

Albondigas Tapas Meatballs      HT HD Spainish 20mins

Asparagus Cocktail      CD HD 30mins

Baked Brie with Mushrooms      HT Veg HD 30mins

Hot Pâté en Papillotes      HT HD 45mins

Creamed Prawn Soup      HT SP Belgian 120mins


Main Courses

Ostrich Steaks with Apples      HT MC British 15mins

Ostrich Steak Diane      HT MC 20mins

Peppered Steak      HT MC 20mins

Calves Liver with Port      HT MC 25mins

Flambeed Calves Kidneys     HT  MC  25mins plus standing

Veal Chops with Green Peppercorn Sauce     HT MC Madagascan 25mins

Brema a la Gaditana (fish)        HT MC Spanish 30mins

Liver and Juniper Meatballs          HT MC 30mins

Cod with Apples            HT MC English 35mins

Malagache Fillet of Pork     HT MC Madagascan 35mins

Veal Escallops with Mushroom     HT MC 35mins

Casserole of Eel     HT MC 40mins

Gammon en Papillotes    HT MC 40mins

Tournedos Rossini    HT MC French 40mins

Huss with Tomatoes in Wine    HT MC 60mins

Tipsy Pigeons    HT MC 65mins

Duck with Cumberland Sauce    HT MC 75mins

Beef with Orange    HT MC 80mins

Chicken in Red Wine    HT MC 90mins

Aves De Guinea con Albaricoques    HT MC Spanish 95mins

Beef Ragout    HT MC 120mins

Casserole of Grouse    HT MC French 140mins

Beef in Burgundy    HT MC French 165mins plus marinating

Boeuf en Daube    HT MC French 270mins plus marinating


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Brandy Butter

Brandy Sauce

Quick Lobster Sauce for Fish    HT ACC  10mins

Salsa Satanica     CD ACC Brazilian 10mins plus cooling

Flambé Sauce for Meat      HT ACC  15mins



Brandy Syllabub    Veg CD DP English 10mins plus infusing and chilling

Junket    CD DP English 10mins plus setting

Mincemeat    HT CD DP British 10mins plus standing

Brandied Walnut Peaches    Veg HT DP 15mins

Dolcelatte Peaches   Veg CD DP Italian 15mins

Jubilee Cherries    Veg HT DP 15mins

Quickie Trifle    Veg CD DP British 20mins plus chilling

Tiramisu    Veg CD DP Italian 20mins plus chilling

Cava Sorbet    Veg CD DP Spanish 25mins plus freezing

Pasta Melba    Veg CD DP 25mins

Little Pots of Chocolate     Veg CD DP 30mins plus chilling

Tipsy Blackberries      Veg CD DP 30mins

Caramelised Chestnuts      CD Veg DP 55mins

Cherry Blancmange      CD DP English 60mins plus setting

Calvados Banana Crepes      Veg HT DP 70mins

Strawberry Dacquoise      Veg CD DP 75mins

Pears Sabayon      Veg HT DP 90mins


Cakes & Bakes

Brandy Snaps    Veg CD CBF English 25mins

Christmas Mince Pies    HT CD CBF DP 30mins

Maids of Honour      CD CBF English 40mins plus overnight

Kourabiedes      Veg CD CBF Greek 45mins

Torta de Santiago      Veg CD CBF Spanish 70mins plus cooling

Half Pound Cake      Veg CD CBF 170mins plus cooling

Christmas Cake      Veg CD CBF British 200mins plus decorating



Recipes using Calvados

Main Courses

Ostrich Steaks with Apples   HT MC British 15mins

Normandy Duck   HT MC 70mins


Desserts, Cakes & Bakes

Apple and Calvados Flan    Veg HT  DP 60mins

Sultana and Apple Clafoutis    Veg HT DP 60mins

Calvados Banana Crepes    Veg HT DP 70mins

Flamed Apple Calvados Pancakes    Veg HT DP 70mins


Recipes using Gin

Main Courses

Barbecued Rabbit     HT MC English 20mins plus marinating

Quail With Juniper and Gin     HT MC English 35mins

Poulet a la Biere     HT MC Belgian 90mins

Pot Roasted Pork with Grapes     HT MC 120mins

Paupiettes de Boeuf     HT MC Belgian 150mins


Desserts, Cakes & Bakes

Red Grapefruit Granita    Veg CD DP 45mins plus freezing



Recipes using Pernod

Starters and Soups

Oysters Rockefeller    HT HD Creole 50mins


Main Courses

Swordfish with Thyme and Pernod    HT MC 15mins


Desserts, cakes 7 bakes

Warm Anise White Chocolate Sauce    Veg HT CD DP 15mins



Recipes using Rum

Main Courses

Prawns in Coconut Rum Sauce    HT MC 25mins

Coconut Vanilla Prawns    HT MC Tahitian 30mins



Soy Rum Marinade    Veg CD ACC 10mins

Orange Rum Sauce

Rum and Raisin Sauce



Chocolate Rum Raisin Ice Cream    Veg CD DP 10mins plus freezing

Junket      CD DP English 10mins plus setting

Bananas Foster    Veg HT DP Creole 15mins

Melon on the Rocks    Veg CD DP 15mins plus chilling

Spiced Pear Trifle    Veg CD DP English 15mins

Cherry Fritters    Veg HT DP Hungarian 20mins plus resting

Coconut Ice Cream    Veg CD DP 20mins plus cooling and freezing

Drunken Baked Apples    Veg HT DP 20mins

Banana Souffles       Veg HT 25mins

Flamed Fruit Salad    Veg HT DP 30mins

Moroccan Baked Fruit Dessert      Veg HT CD DP Moroccan 75mins


Cakes & Bakes

Rum Butter Biscuits Veg CD CBF 25mins

Orange Biscuits    Veg CD CBF 45mins

Fig Cake    Veg CD CBF  65mins

Prune Cake    Veg CD CBF  65mins

Black Forest Cherry Cake    Veg CD CBF German 75mins

Tipsy Cake     Veg CD CBF Colombian  80mins


Recipes using Sake

Starters and Soups

Marinated Sashimi Salmon      CD HD MC Japanese 20mins plus marinating

Clear Soup with Wakame   Veg HT SP Japanese 25mins


Main Courses

Simmered Flat Fish      HT MC Japanese 20mins

Namasu      Veg CD ACC MC Japanese 35mins plus cooling

Grilled Miso Chicken      HT MC Japanese 90mins



Sumeshi Rice      Veg HT CD ACC Japanese 30mins plus standing

Namasu      Veg CD ACC MC Japanese 35mins plus cooling


Recipes using Tequila

Starters & Soups

Avocado Soup with Tequila CD SP Mexican 10mins plus chilling


Main Courses

Tequila Sea Bass HT MC Mexican 25mins plus marinating


Desserts, Cakes & Bakes

Tequila Mango Ice Veg CD DP Mexican 15mins plus freezing


Recipes using Vodka

Main Courses

Chicken Penne Alla Vodka   HT MC 25mins


Desserts, cakes & Bakes

Strawberry Vodka Mousse  Veg CD DP 20mins plus chilling


Recipes using Whiskey

Main Courses

Neua Pad Kimao (Flamed Beef)   HT MC Thai 20mins

Dublin Lawyer   HT MC Irish 25mins


Desserts, Cakes & Bakes

Whiskey Grilled Prawns   HT MC 25mins plus marinating

Irish Coffee Pudding   CD DP British 20mins plus chilling

Irish Jig    Veg CD DP British 20mins

Whiskey Baked Figs      Veg HT DP 20mins

Irish Tea Brack       Veg CD CBF British 105mins plus soaking

Whisky Cake      Veg CD CBF Scottish 65mins


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