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Cooking with Fortified Wine

A collection of recipes using Fortified wines


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Below are some of the recipes on this site using fortified wines. To find them all  use the Search Page



  • If you can't drink it - don't use it in cooking

  •  Add a splash of the original alcohol to soups, stews, sauces and casseroles just before serving to reinforce the flavour

  • When using alcohol in  milk or cream sauces burn off the alcohol before adding to the sauce to prevent curdling

  • Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature to other liquids, excessive use in frozen desserts is not advisable


Starters and Soups

Hot Chicken Liver Mousse    HT HD 55mins

Eggs in Aspic    CD HD 90mins plus chilling


Main Courses

Prawns Newburg    HT MC 15mins

Chicken Scaloppine    HT Italian 25mins

Venison with Madeira Sauce    HT MC 25mins

Chicken en Croute    HT MC 30mins plus cooling

Foie Gras with Sautéed Potatoes    HT MC 30mins

Tournedos Rossini    HT MC French 40mins

Chicken with Mandarins    HT MC 60mins

Tripa de Vaca a Brasilerira    HT MC Brazilian 80mins

Capon with Aubergines    HT MC 150mins



Baked Parsnip with Madeira    Veg HT ACC 40mins



Hot Compote of Figs     Veg HT DP 15mins

Quickie Trifle     Veg CD DP British 20mins plus chilling




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Starters and Soups

Pork and Chicken Liver Pate    CD HD 40mins


Main Courses

Nut Crusted Halibut    HT MC 20mins

Cotes d'agneau a la Villeroi      HT French 60mins



Zabaglione Sauce    Veg HT ACC 20mins



Tiramisu    Veg CD DP Italian 20mins plus chilling

Ricotta Flan   Veg HT CD DP Italian 50mins

Pears Sabayon    Veg HT DP 90mins




Starters and Soups

Stilton Port and Walnut Pate     Veg CD HD English 10mins

Port with Melon    Veg CD HD 15mins

Biltong Soup    HT SP South African 25mins

Creamed Onion Soup with Port    HT SP 40mins

Terrine of Meats with Port    CD HD 90mins

Kidney Soup    HT SP 110mins


Main Courses

Venison Medallions with Stilton HT MC British 15mins

Normandy Venison Medallions HT MC French 20mins

Calves Liver with Port HT MC 25mins

Roast Ostrich with Port HT MC 25mins

Sea Bream with Port HT MC Portuguese 35mins

Tournedos Rossini HT MC French 40mins

Quail with Grapes HT MC 50mins

Buffalo Tenderloin with Port HT MC 60mins

Duck with Cumberland Sauce HT MC 75mins

Highland Sausage Plait HT MC Scotland 75mins plus soaking

Game Pie HT MC English 120mins plus cooling

Raised Game Pie CD MC English 150mins plus cooling and chilling

Jugged Hare HT MC British 240mins plus marinating



Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Blueberry Sauce Veg HT CD 15mins

Cardamom Sauce Veg CD ACC Danish 20mins plus cooling

Braised Chestnuts with Port HT ACC 70mins

Savoury Chestnut Puree HT ACC 75mins



Mulled Plums Veg CD DP 20mins plus cooling

Prune and Apricot Compote Veg CD DP 25mins

Sweet Stilton Mille feuille Veg CD DP English 55mins



Main Courses

Crocodile Fillets with Rosemary Sauce     HT MC 15mins

Pan Fried Turbot     HT MC 25mins

Salmon with Juniper     HT MC 25mins

Monkfish Ragout     HT MC 30mins

Cheese and Onion Quiche     Veg HT MC 50mins

Braised Guinea Fowl     HT MC 125mins



Starters and Soups

Champinones al Ajillo Tapas     Veg HT HD Spanish 20mins

Oriental Grilled King Prawns     HT HD Chinese 25mins

Clear Chicken Soup     HT SP Chinese 30mins

Marinated Seafood Cocktail     CD HD 35mins

Chicken Stuffed Avocados     HT MC 40mins

Crab Dumplings     HT HD PFC Chinese 40mins

Chilled Carrot and Orange Soup     Veg CD 55mins plus chilling

Potstickers (Dim Sum)      HT HD Chinese 70mins plus standing

Rice and Tomato Soup     Veg Ht SP 70mins

Game Soup     HT SP English 90mins

Liver Pâté with Sherry     CD HD 90mins


Main Courses

Cantonese Lobster     HT MC Chinese 15mins

Kangaroo Fillet Steaks with Cream Sauce     HT MC 15mins

Prawn Celeste     HT MC 15mins

Skewered Pork with Ginger     HT MC Chinese 15mins

Crab with Ginger, Onion and Garlic     HT Chinese MC 20mins

Ostrich Shish Kebabs     HT MC 20mins plus marinating

Quorn with Black Beans     Veg HT MC 20mins

Swordfish with Ginger     HT MC 20mins

Baked Snapper with Sesame     HT Chinese MC 25mins

Squid with Black Bean Sauce     HT Chinese MC 25mins

Brema a la Gaditana     HT MC Spanish 30mins

Turkish Lamb Kebabs     HT MC Turkish 30mins

Fijian Chicken Wings     HT MC Fijian 40mins plus marinating

Pollo al Vainilla     HT MC Sth American 40mins plus soaking

Grouse With Raisins     HT MC 50mins

Kidneys in Sherry     HT MC 50mins

Lamb and Raspberry Parcels     HT MC 55mins

Tofu Stuffed Peppers     Veg HT MC 55mins

Chicken Pancakes     HT MC 60mins

Braised Sweetbreads    HT MC English 65mins

Tipsy Pigeons     HT MC 65mins

Casseroled Squabs     HT MC British 70mins

Solomillo de Cerdo con Jamon     HT MC Spanish 80mins

Red-Cooked Lamb     HT Chinese MC 90mins



Basic Marinade     CD ACC 5mins

Teriyaki Marinade     Veg CD ACC 5mins

Sherry Chilli Dipping Sauce Veg     CD ACC Japanese 5mins

Blue Cheese and Sherry Sauce for Meat

Sherry Sauce     HT ACC 10mins

Dry fried Green Beans     Veg HT Chinese ACC 15mins

Garlic Asparagus with Ginger     Veg HT ACC 25mins

Stir-Fried Noodles     HT ACC 25mins

Basil and Tomato Sauce     Veg HT ACC 30mins

Egg Fried Rice     HT ACC Chinese 30mins

Buttered Chestnuts     Veg HT ACC British 35mins

Alcachofas Estofadas     Veg HT ACC Spanish 40mins

Baked Parsnip with Madeira     Veg HT ACC 40mins

Chestnut and Sausagemeat Stuffing     HT ACC 50mins plus cooking



Hot Compote of Figs     Veg HT DP 15mins

Syllabub     Veg CD 15mins plus chilling

Osborne Pudding     Veg CD DP English 25mins plus chilling

Poor Knights of Windsor     Veg HT DP English 25mins

Biscuit Tortoni     Veg CD DP Italian 30mins



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