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Cooking with Cider

A collection of recipes using cider


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 Torsten Schon -

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples. Outside of the UK it is sometimes referred to as "hard cider".   It comes in still and carbonated varieties; clear and cloudy;  sweet to dry; and in a range of colours from Chrystal clear white to dark golden.


Whilst primarily consumed as a drink, its attributes also  lend themselves very well to cooking. Below are some of the recipes on this site using cider. To find them all  use the search facility


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Tips for cooking with Cider

  • If you can't drink it - don't use it in cooking

  •  When making casseroles, stews or sauces, reserve a tablespoon  or so of the cider then add to the finished dish just before serving to reinforce the flavour

  • You can use all types of cider - fizzy or still

  • Don't throw away fizzy cider which has gone flat - use it for cooking

  • Cider goes particularly well with pork, fish and poultry  and various fruit

Starters and soup recipes using cider


Cidered Black Pudding Brochettes HT HD British 15mins

Curried Cider and Apple Soup HT CD 15mins

Maple-Roasted Parsnip Soup HT SP 65mins

Lambs Liver Pate CD HD English 115mins plus cooling


Cider Main Course Recipes

Cidered Herrings HT MC British 25mins

Normandy John Dory HT MC French 30mins

Cider Braised Duck with Cranberry HT MC British 35mins

Cidered Mackerel with Rhubarb HT British 40mins

Devonshire Cod With Mushrooms HT MC 40mins

Duck with Blueberries HT MC 40mins

Harem Pilaf HT MC 40mins

Pollack With Mushrooms HT MC 40mins

Cidered Chicken HT MC British 45mins

Liver with Apples HT MC Finnish 45mins

Gammon Steaks with Cider HT MC English 55mins plus soaking

Pork Chops in Cider HT MC 60mins

Huntingdon Fidget Pie HT MC English 80mins

Sausage and Cider Hotpot Recipe   HT  MC  90mins     September 2011

Dublin Coddle HT MC Irish 100mins

Goose with Apple HT MC British 200mins plus marinating

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