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Information about Tapas plus Recipes

Speciality Dish - Spain



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Most people will have heard of Tapas but few may know its origins. 

The word Tapas is actually the plural of Tapa and the literal translation means "cover".

Tapas were invented in Andalusia which is in the south of Spain. In the Andalusian wine-making regions, it is the custom to place a saucer  on top of a  glass of wine in order to keep  the little fruit flies out. A small amount of food placed on the dish helped attract clients to the wine bar. 

Tapas are now found in the smallest of bars in the tiniest of villages and vary from simple to complex, hot or cold and include fish, vegetable dishes, dips, cheese and savoury pastries. They are no longer reserved to accompany wine. Fino sherry and draught beer are now also frequent playmates of these delicious morsels.

Below are a selection of tapas recipes.

Happy Cooking!


Tuna Tapas    CD  HD  Spanish   10mins plus chilling

Chorizo in Red Wine Tapas     HT  HD  Spanish   15mins

Stuffed Cherry Tomato Tapas    Veg  CD  HD Spanish   15mins

Albondigas Tapas  (Meatballs)    HT  HD   Spainish   20mins

Champinones al Ajillo Tapas    Veg  HT  HD  Spanish   20mins

Chickpea and Spinach Tapas     Veg  CD  HD  Spanish   20mins

Stuffed Prawn Tapas     HT  HD  Spanish  20mins

Stuffed Baby Potato Tapas    Veg  CD  HD  Spanish  25mins

Tortilla Campesina Tapas     Veg  CD  HD  Spanish   25mins plus cooling

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