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Cooking by Country - June 2002


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Whilst situated  just south of Spain, Morocco is nevertheless in North Africa on the African Continent.   Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia form what is known as The Maghreb. Morocco has two mountain ranges and borders with the Sahara in the south and Algeria to the and east. Despite its close proximity to the Sahara desert,  the costal plain in the north  is very  fertile and produces cereals, citrus fruits, and vegetables. Indeed, much of the Moroccan workforce is employed in agriculture.



Ancient Times and Influences


Many people think that due to the fact Morocco was in French and Spanish possession for periods in the 19th and 20th centuries, Moroccan cuisine has been heavily influenced by the French and the Spanish. Of course, some ideas must have been shared, however, its culinary culture holds its roots firmly from the indigenous Berbers and Arabs, who invaded the land in the 7th century AD. 


Fruits and vegetables have always been grown and fish and seafood are plentiful due to the large coastline,  while its inland environment has always been perfect for the raising of large quantities of sheep and goat. Many spices such as Cumin, paprika,  and turmeric were introduced by the Arabs and there is an old tradition of cooking meat with fruit such as dates and figs. 


Current Day Cuisine


As in ancient times, Moroccan cuisine utilises the natural fresh produce  found in the sea, fertile lands and desert. The marrying of fruit with meat together the expert use of spices which are used in such a was as to enhance rather than mask the ingredients makes it an altogether exotic and interesting style of cooking. Saffron, paprika and ginger are also widely used ingredients as are walnuts and almonds.

Couscous is the staple of Moroccan cuisine. It is served as a main dish with the addition of meats, fish, fowl and vegetables or  spiced as an accompaniment. The word couscous not only refers to the finished dish but also to the grain which is used. Use the link at the top of the page to find out more about couscous - the ingredient. 


Moroccan Recipes


Below are some Moroccan recipes for you to try. We hope you enjoy them.


Happy Cooking!



Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course  ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding     CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre



Starters, Appetisers and soups

Spiced Olives   Veg   CD   HD   PFC   Moroccan   5mins plus marinating

Moroccan Carrot Soup     CD   SP   30mins plus chilling

Spicy Wrapped Meatballs    HT   HD   PFC   Moroccan   40mins

Mezgaldi of Onions    Veg   HT   HD   Moroccan   60mins plus marinating

Spiced Bean and Lentil Soup   Veg   HT   SP   Moroccan    120mins


Main Courses

Beef, Lamb, Offal, Pork, Poultry & Game

Tagines - 4 recipes

Moorish Kebabs    HT    MC    BBQ    Moroccan   30mins plus marinating

Lamb Couscous    HT   MC   Moroccan   75mins

Moroccan Chicken    HT   MC   Moroccan    85mins plus marinating

Spiced Lamb with Potatoes    HT   MC   Moroccan   90mins

Moroccan Beef Stew    HT   MC   Moroccan   125mins

Mrouziya     HT   MC   Moroccan   200mins


Fish and Vegetarian/Vegan

Tagines - 2 recipes

Tuna with Chermoula      HT   MC   Moroccan   20mins plus marinating

Moroccan Snapper     HT   MC   Moroccan   25mins plus marinating

Chickpeas with Raisins     Veg   HT   MC   Moroccan    35mins

Moroccan Baked Fish     HT   MC   Moroccan   50mins

Vegetable Couscous    Veg  HT  MC  Moroccan  60mins

Fish with Olives      HT   MC   Moroccan   70mins plus marinating



Couscous   Veg  HT  CD  ACC  Moroccan  10mins

Apricot Couscous     Veg   HT   ACC   Moroccan   20mins

Salat Tangiers   Veg   CD   ACC   Moroccan   20mins plus chilling

Moroccan Aubergine Salad    Veg   CD   ACC   Moroccan   25mins plus standing

Spicy Moroccan Vegetables     Veg   HT   ACC   Moroccan    25mins

Kamfounata    Veg   HT   CD   ACC   Moroccan   60 mins plus standing

Marhooda    Veg   HT   ACC   Moroccan   85mins


Desserts, Confectionery and Baked Fayre

Harost Balls     Veg   CD   Moroccan   15mins plus setting

M'hanncha  ('The Snake')   Veg   HT   CD  CBF   Moroccan   30mins

Moroccan Date Pudding   Veg   HT   CD   DP   Moroccan 60mins

Moroccan Baked Fruit Dessert   Veg   HT  CD   DP   Moroccan   75mins plus soaking

Khubs   (Moroccan Bread)   Veg   CD   CBF  Moroccan   95mins


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