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Brazilian Cuisine and Recipes

Information about Brazilian Cooking plus lots of Brazilian Recipes


Cooking by Country - July 2002



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Brazil is the largest and most populous country in South America.  Almost as if to complement its exciting geographical contrasts, from wetlands to tropical forest to beaches,  it also boasts an incredible multi-ethnic mix, which is mirrored in its cuisine.



Ancient Times and Influences on Brazilian Cooking


The indigenous Tupi Indians had already mastered the art of preserving meats through smoking and drying by the time the Portuguese colonised Brazil in 1533. They had developed the use and processing of Corn (in particular Corn Porridge) as well as the use of many root vegetables such as sweet potato and manioc (also known as yucca or cassava ).


Not only did the Portuguese bring with them their own culinary customs (heavily influenced by 300 years of Moorish occupation) but they also imported slaves from West Africa with their cooking traditions. The use of coconut milk, peppers and dende (palm oil) are amongst the many ideas introduced by the slaves, all of which are prevalent in Brazilian cooking.


Many more immigrants followed later, including Western Europeans, peoples from the Middle East and Asia, but unlike the Portuguese and African traditions, their culinary contributions were absorbed rather than evolved.


Current Day Brazilian Cuisine


As with many other large countries, Brazilian cuisine has its regional differences, although staple ingredients throughout Brazil today include beans,  rice and manioc meal. To the North (includes Amazonas, RondUnia and Paras),  the diet is mainly fish, root vegetables and fruit as opposed to the  Southeast where the use of corn, pork and beans is traditional. 





The Central-west region (includes Mato Grosso and Golas) comprising dry open prairies which are ideal for ranches, woodland and The Pantanal, a huge freshwater wetland,  offers  fish,  pork and beef as well as agricultural crops such as rice, corn and manioc (cassava) for daily consumption.


Brazilian Recipes - Click here for lots of Brazilian Recipes

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