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Cooking with Alcohol


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This section deals with cooking all manner of foods with the addition of various types of alcohol: wines, fortified wines, spirits, beers, cider and liqueurs. 


Adding alcohol to recipes, even everyday ones, adds another dimension to the taste and can even transform an ordinary recipe into something spectacular and worthy of dinner parties or special occasions. Its addition adds a richness and flavour which can’t easily be achieved by any other method and in some cases the alcohol doubles as a meat tenderiser.

One question which is often asked is whether the alcohol content remains in the finished dish. In most cooked dishes, a large amount, if not most of the alcohol is cooked off sufficiently as to not leave any significant alcohol residue. However, in some uncooked recipes, some alcohol content will remain, though in most cases, not sufficient to cause too many problems, in particular when it comes to being “over the limit” for driving purposes unless you add significant quantities. So, in general, the longer the recipe is cooked or the higher the temperature the alcohol is subjected to, e.g. flaming,  the less alcohol will be present in the finished dish.

For ease of reference we’ve divided this huge section into sub-sections dealing with the various types of alcohol.  However below are some general tips when using alcohol in recipes:-


  • If you can't drink it - don't use it in cooking

  • When flambéing heat the alcohol in a metal ladle or small saucepan before setting it alight

  •  Add a splash of the original alcohol to soups, stews, sauces and casseroles just before serving to reinforce the flavour

  • Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays for adding to stocks, soups and gravies

  • Buy miniatures or ¼ bottles of wines and keep in your store cupboard for use in the kitchen

  • When using alcohol in  milk or cream sauces burn off the alcohol before adding to the sauce to prevent curdling

  • Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature to other liquids, excessive use in frozen desserts is not advised


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