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Cooking and General Kitchen Tips For Students

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This is part  VI of a series of articles offering advice to students on subjects such as cooking on a budget,  shopping for food, store-cupboard staples,  cooking tips,  kitchen equipment,  basic kitchen and food hygiene plus lots of easy, nutritious and delicious recipes which won’t break the bank.

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This collection of 60 recipes has been put together especially for students. Most are economical, quick, easy to make and nutritious, however we've also included some "treats" for when you've done well with your budget and have a little extra to spend. To make it even easier, you can also choose the serving amount on many of the recipes - from cooking for 1 to feeding the house (8) - and the recipes are listed in clearly defined sections in order of preparation/cooking time.  You can even email your favourite recipes to friends directly from the app.

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If you've never had charge of a kitchen before, here are some handy tips to make your life easier. We've divided them into two categories - Cooking tips and General Prep & Kitchen Tips. Be sure to also read the page giving advice on kitchen and food hygiene - there are some important things you may not know about food preparation which could prevent you getting ill.

Cooking Tips for Students


• Oven cook food in aluminium foil parcels which not only keeps food moist but also seals in the flavour. Saves on washing up too

• Use up excess vegetables by making soups. Simply  dice everything, place in a large saucepan, add the same volume of water, stock or milk and simmer until everything is tender then liquidise it until smooth

• When cooking dishes such as casseroles, pasta bakes, chilli, Bolognese and other pasta sauces, make extra so you can freeze some for later use.  This is especially useful when preparing dishes which require a longer cooking time


• When making baked potato, cook an extra one which can be cut in to wedges and shallow fried as an accompaniment the next day


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• Marinate meats, poultry and fish for extra flavour


•  Try using natural or Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise or crème fraîche instead of double cream


•  Remember that most vegetables cook much more quickly than meat and poultry so make allowances and only start cooking them when the meat or poultry is almost ready to be served


•  When following a recipe, assemble the all ingredients before you start the preparation unless there is a big gap between stages


•  Always preheat the oven or grill to the right temperature before starting to cook


Preparation and Kitchen Tips for Students


• Save on the washing up by lining roasting tins, trays and the grill pan with aluminium foil


• Open tins upside down so the contents don’t stick to the bottom of the tin


• Rinse out tins and jars of tomatoes or sauces with a very little water, wine or stock and add it to the rest of the contents


• Keep small jars for making salad dressings. To make salad dressings in a jar, simply place all the ingredients in the jar, cover with the lid then shake vigorously until the mixture emulsifies

• Keep plastic carrier bags and use them for rubbish or to line your pedal bin


• Clear up as much as you can as you go along to save a mountain of work at the end of your meal


• Before you sit down to eat your meal, place used utensils, pans or bowls in a sink full of hot soapy water so when you come to do the washing up they'll be easier to get clean


•  Hang up tea towels as soon as you've used them to wipe up so they don't  stay soggy for long periods of time


•  Clean the cooker top and work-surfaces every time you use them. Even if they look ok, give them a quick wipe over



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