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Christmas Recipes

A collection of traditional and alternative Christmas recipes including vegetarian and vegan


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Christmas Appetizers, Starters and Soup Recipes


Party Food and Cocktails



Smoked Mackerel Pate    CD  HD  10mins plus chilling

Stilton, Port and Walnut Pate    Veg  CD  HD   10mins plus chilling

Prawn & Grapefruit Cocktail      CD  HD  15mins

Roast Chestnuts     HT   Veg   ACC   30mins    30.11.01

Baked Brie with Mushrooms     HT   Veg   HD   30mins

Spinach Pate      Veg  CD  HD   30mins plus chilling

Julegroed (Christmas Porridge)     Veg   HT   HD Danish    65mins

Chestnut and Apple Soup     HT  SP   HD   70mins 30.11.2001

Chestnut and Rice Soup     Veg  HT  SP  HD   75mins    30.11.01

Turkey Soup    HT  SP    140mins


 Christmas Main Course recipes


Beef, Lamb and Pork

General   Preparations Beef

General Preparations Lamb  

General  Preparations  Pork


Roast Pork Cajun Style   HT  MC  Cajun  65mins

Beef with Orange      HT  MC  80mins

Honey Glazed Bacon    HT  MC  British  90mins plus soaking

Colonial Goose    HT  MC  Australian  See timing in recipe

Lamb Stuffed with Orange and Dates     HT  MC   Middle East   135mins

Glazed Ham with Pineapple     HT  MC English  180mins

Slow Roast Pork with Cranberry Glaze  HT  MC  375mins




Cider Braised Duck with Cranberry  HT  MC  British  35mins

Roast Honeyed Duck    HT MC  Approx  80mins




Roast Goose with Cranberry and Orange   HT  MC British   190mins

Roast Goose with Hazelnut Stuffing      HT   MC   195mins

Goose with Apple   HT  MC  British   200mins plus marinating


 Follow us 




Pheasant with Pancetta    HT  MC  30mins

Casserole of Pheasant with Chestnuts    HT  MC  90mins

Oven Roasted Pheasant with Red Wine Sauce    HT  MC  British  95mins




See also:-   General Preparation Times - Poultry and Game  |  Turkey Tips


Oriental Salad  CD  MC  15mins plus cooling

Turkey Hash   HT  MC  25mins

Turkey & Spinach Bake   HT  MC  British  40mins

Turkey Biryani    HT  MC  40mins

Turkey, Almond and Cheese Bake   HT  MC  British  45mins

Turkey Cacciatora    HT  MC  Italian  50mins

Turkey and Stuffing Bake    HT  MC  50mins  

Leftovers Turkey Pie    HT  MC  British  65mins

Puerto Rico Stuffed Turkey Legs   HT  MC  S. American  70mins

Cranberry, Almond Turkey Flan   HT  MC British  75mins

Roast Turkey

Giblet Gravy



Cranberry & Cashew Croquettes     Veg  HT  MC  25mins

Mushroom Leek and Chestnut Tarts    Veg  HT  MC  45mins

Chestnut and Red Wine Pate en Croute    Veg  HT  MC  70mins

Nut and Carrot Roast     Veg  HT  CD  70mins

Potatoes and Mushroom Galette    Veg  HT  MC  115mins

Chestnut Loaf    Veg  HT   British  140mins


Venison and Game Birds

Quail with Grapes    HT  MC  50mins

Venison with Chestnuts     HT  MC  British  50mins

Casserole of Pheasant with Chestnuts   HT  MC  British  90mins

Oven Roasted Pheasant with Red Wine Sauce    HT  MC  British  95mins

Orange Glazed Roast Venison     HT   MC  British   100mins


Christmas Side Dishes and Accompaniment Recipes


Sauces and Butters

Brandy Butter (sweet)    Veg  CD   ACC   British  5mins

Bread Sauce for Poultry    HT  British  8mins

Brandy Sauce  (sweet)    Veg  HT   British  15mins

Cranberry Sauce  (savoury)     HT  CD  15mins

Giblet Gravy


Vegetables & Fruit

Ultimate Goose Fat Roast Potatoes - by chef Mike Robinson  * Video *

Pickled Red Cabbage     Veg  CD  ACC  British  10mins plus soaking

Creamed Cabbage       Veg  HT  ACC  British   15mins

Brussels with Brazils     Veg   HT  ACC  British   20mins

Cabbage with Chestnuts     HT  Veg  ACC  25mins    

Chestnut Fritters   HT  ACC  25mins   

Roast Chestnuts     HT  Veg  ACC  30mins    

Carrots with Bacon     HT  ACC  British  30mins

Spiced Red Cabbage with Apples recipe made in the microwave: Video      New!  November 2010

Boiled Chestnuts     Veg   HT  CD  ACC  35mins      

Buttered Chestnuts     Veg  HT  ACC  British   35mins

Pickled Prunes     Veg  CD  ACC  British   35mins plus soaking

Baked Parsnip with Madeira     Veg HT ACC 40mins   

Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts    Veg  HT   ACC  British   50mins

Roast Potatoes with Rosemary    Veg  HT  ACC  55mins

Apple and Sweet Potato Casserole    Veg ACC  N. American   60mins

Roast Sweet Potatoes   Veg  HT  Caribbean  60mins

Braised Chestnuts with Port   HT  ACC  70mins      

Savoury Chestnut Puree     HT  ACC  75mins   

Corn Pudding    Veg  HT  ACC   N. American   80mins

Piccalilli    Veg  CD  ACC  British   90mins plus soaking

Spiced Red Cabbage     Veg   HT   120mins

Red Cabbage with Pears   Veg   HT   135mins



Stuffings and Marinades/Stuffings & Marinades

Prune and Thyme Stuffing     Veg   British 10mins

Celery Stuffing for Turkey    Veg   HT   15mins

Raisin and Walnut Stuffing for Poultry    Veg  HT   15mins

Sage and Onion Stuffing    Veg  HT  British  20mins

Chestnut and Sausagemeat Stuffing     HT  ACC  50mins plus cooking    30.11.01

Christmas Desserts, Cakes, Baked Fayre and Confectionery Recipes

Almond Paste     Veg  CD  CBF  British 10mins

Mincemeat     DP  British  10mins plus standing

Christmas Cake Iced Terrine Veg CD DP  10mins   *Video*       New!  November 2010

Coupes Imperatrice     CD   Veg   DP   15mins  

Christmas Cake Pops  20mins plus setting     New!  November 2010

Royal Icing     Veg  CBF  British 20mins plus standing

Chestnut Orange Chocolate Slice    CD  Veg  CBF  DP  25mins plus chilling     30.11.01

Christmas Macaroons      Veg  CD  CBF  British   25mins

Toffee Apples     Veg  CD  DP  British

Christmas Mince Pies     HT  CD  CBF  DP  British  30mins

Filo Mincemeat Parcels      HT  CD  CBF  British  30mins

Amaretto Chestnut Mousse       Veg  CD  DP  40mins plus chilling 

Christmas Chocolate Log         Veg  CD  CBF  British  40mins plus cooling

Vegan Mincemeat Muffins    Veg  CD  CBF  40mins plus cooling

Christmas Tree Biscuits     Veg  CD  CBF  50mins plus chilling

Mincemeat Slices      CD  British  50mins

Pear and Mincemeat Crumble Tart    HT  CD  DP  British  50mins   New!   October   2008

Caramelised Chestnuts     CD   Veg   DP   55mins   

Apple and Mincemeat Tart     Veg  HT  CD  DP  60mins

Chocolate Chestnut Pie     HT  CD  Veg  DP  60mins    

Unsweetened Chestnut Puree     HT  CD  Veg  ACC  DP  70mins  

Sweet Chestnut Puree       HT  CD  Veg  ACC  DP  80mins  

Stollen    Veg  CD  CBF  German  90mins plus proving

Light Christmas Pudding    Veg  HT  DP  150mins      New!   November  2008

Christmas Pudding with Guinness      HT  British   180mins plus standing

Vegetarian Christmas Pudding  Veg  HT  DP  180mins   New!   November  2008

Christmas Cake      Veg   CD   CBF   British   200mins plus decorating

Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding   HT  DP  240mins plus soaking   New!   November  2008


Christmas Drinks and Party Food Recipes   


Party Food and Cocktails

Easy No Alcohol Eggnog   Veg  CD  PFC  5mins

Chocolate Eggnog    Veg  CD  PFC  10mins

Christmas Buttered Rum      Veg  HT  PFC  10mins plus freezing

Christmas Wassail      Veg  HT  PFC  British

Hot Party Punch     HT  PFC  20mins

Extreme Christmas Eggnogg     Veg  CD  PFC  10mins

Bisschopswijn      Veg  HT  PFC  Dutch  45mins

Spiced Cider Punch      Veg  HT   PFC  British  15mins

Dubonnet Punch     Veg  HT  PFC  10mins



Christmas Home Made Edible Gifts Recipes  


Chocolates and Confectionery

Chocolate Rum Truffles Video

Chocolate Gingerbread Biscuits Video

The Ultimate Fudge Video


Angus Toffee    CD  Confectionery   Scottish   20mins plus setting

Irish Christmas Shamrocks    Veg  CD  CBF  British  20mins

Rum Truffles     CD   20mins plus chilling    

White Chocolate Truffles   CD  20mins plus chilling    

Scottish Tablet     CD  Confectionery  30mins plus setting

Vanilla Fudge     CD  Confectionery  30mins  

Amygthalota    Veg   CD Confectionary Greek 35mins plus cooling

Coconut Ice     CD   Confectionery  90mins



Basil Oil     Veg  CD  ACC

Brandied Cherries    Veg  CD  ACC

Date Chutney    Veg  CD  ACC

Marron Glace   Veg  CD  ACC


Raspberry Vinegar   CD  Veg   ACC

Spiced Plums and Peaches     Veg  CD  ACC



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