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Chilli Recipes

A collection of over 60 recipes using fresh hot chilli peppers


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Below are just some of the many recipes on this website using fresh chillies. To find even more all use the search facility.


Chilli Starters Recipes

Avocado with Kiwifruit    Veg  CD  HD  10mins plus marinating

Gambas El Pil Pil     HT  HD  10mins

Kokoda     CD  HD  Fijian  15mins plus marinating

Onion Bhajis     Veg  HT  Indian  HD  20mins

Sardines with Coriander & Lime     HT  BBQ  HD  20mins plus Marinating

Peri Peri Chicken Livers     HT  HD  South African  25mins

Papas a la Huancaina     Veg  CD  HD  Peruvian  30mins

Masala Omelette     Veg  HT  Indian  HD  40mins

Veracruz Stuffed Chiles     Veg  CD  HD  Mexican  40mins plus cooling

Meat Arepas     HT  HD  Venezuelan  45mins

Chilli Soup Recipes

Tom Kha Gai Chicken Soup    HT  SP  Thai  15mins

Khmer Mushroom Soup    Veg  HT  SP  Cambodian  20mins

African Peanut Soup    HT  SP  30mins

Courgette Soup     HT  SP  MC  Indonesian  30mins

Laksa     HT  SP  Malaysian  45mins

Chicken Pho    HT  SP  Vietnamese  60mins plus marinating

Okra and Fish Soup     HT  SP  Colombian  100mins

Bajan Black Bean Soup    HT  SP West Indian  190mins plus soaking

Beef Pho     HT  SP  Vietnamese  4 hours

Chilli Main Course Recipes

Fish, Shellfish & Seafood

Malaysian Noodles    HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins

Gingered Sea Bass with Chilli    HT  MC  25mins

Tuna with Lime    HT  MC  25mins

Indonesian Fish Cakes    HT  MC  Indonesian  30mins plus marinating

Kiwi Fish Curry    HT  MC  30mins

Salt Fish Rougaille     HT  MC  Mauritian  30mins plus soaking

Chilli Baked Crab    HT  MC  Sri Lankan  45mins

Fish in Chilli Coconut Milk    HT  MC  Colombian  50mins

Sumatran Fish Curry HT MC Indonesian 55mins

Snapper Crillo    HT  MC  Venezuelan  60mins

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Poultry & Game

Oriental  Salad    CD  MC  15mins plus cooling

Malaysian Noodles    HT  MC  Malaysian  20mins

Chicken Masala    HT  CD  MC   Indian  30mins plus marinating

Chicken Thighs with Mango    HT  MC  25mins

Chilli Stir fried Emu     HT  MC  Australian  30mins

Jerk Chicken     HT  BBQ  MC  West Indian   30mins plus marinating

Chicken and Fruit Salad    CD  MC  Thai  40mins

Chicken in Coconut Sauce    HT  MC  Indonesian  70mins

Chicken Kalya    HT  MC  Mauritian  70mins plus marinating

Murgh Kaali Mirch     HT  MC  Pakistani  70mins plus marinating

Alligator Stew   HT  MC    80mins

Rabbit Stewed in Coconut Milk    HT  MC  Colombian  120mins



Szechuan Beef    HT  MC  Chinese  15mins

Roquefort Steaks    HT  MC  20mins

Tikka Kabab     HT  CD  MC  Pakistani  20mins

Spicy Steak Tacos    HT  MC  Mexican  25mins

Oriental Lamb Burgers    HT  MC  BBQ  30mins

Peachy Chilli Pork    HT  MC  30mins

Keema Karahi    HT  MC  Pakistani  35mins

Chilli Meat Tacos    HT  MC  Mexican  45mins

Rendang Daging    HT  MC  Malaysian  45mins

Tamarind Beef Curry    HT  MC  Cambodian  45mins

Beef with Okra     HT  MC  Egyptian  60mins

Lamb Korma     HT  Indian  MC  60mins

Sinhalese Pan Roasted Pork    HT  MC  Sri Lankan  60mins plus marinating

Sri Lankan Frikadells Meat balls    HT  MC  PFC  Sri Lankan  65mins

Tunisian Beef Stew    HT  MC  Tunisian  65mins plus soaking

Burmese Beef Curry     HT  MC  Myanmar  75mins

Tofu with Satay Sauce and Noodles    Veg  HT  MC  Japanese  15mins

Chili Omelette     Veg  HT  MC  20mins

Fresh Chilli Ravioli Pasta Dough    Veg  HT  CD  MC  25mins

Vegetable Tacos     Veg  HT  MC  Mexican  25mins

Stuffed Bean Curds    Veg  CD  Malaysian  30mins plus cooling

Indonesian Yellow Rice    Veg  HT  MC  Indonesian  40mins

Lemony Carrot Dhal    Veg  HT  MC  Indian  40mins

Lentil and Pepper Sauce     Veg  HT MC  40mins

Peruvian Pumpkin Stew   Veg  HT  MC  Peruvian  40mins

Eggs with Sweet Peppers Veg HT MC Tunisian 55mins

Mushroom Stuffed Squash    Veg  HT  MC  55mins

Vegetable and Coconut Curry    Veg  HT  MC  55mins

Piperade    Veg  HT  MC  Spanish  60mins

Three Bean Chilli    Veg  HT  MC  80mins


Scoville Scale

Scoville Rating

Type of Pepper

15,000,000 - 16,000,000

Pure capsaicin


Various capsaicinoids


Law Enforcement Grade pepper spray


Bhut Jolokia (Naga Jolokia)


Red Savina Habanero


Guntur Chilli, Habañero, Scotch Bonnet, African Birdseye


Bird's eye chilli, Thai Pepper, Indian Pepper,  Pequin


Cayenne Pepper, Ají pepper, Tabasco pepper


Serrano Pepper


Jalapeño , Guajillo pepper, Paprika


Anaheim pepper, Poblano Pepper, Rocotillo Pepper




Sweet Capsicum  (Bell pepper) - no heat


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