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Cheddar Cheese Recipes

Information about Cheddar Cheese plus lots of Cheddar Cheese Recipes


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Cheddar is an English semi-hard cheese made from cows' milk and gets its name from the Cheddar Caves in Somerset, UK where it was first stored in the 15th Century.  There are 6 main varieties of Cheddar - mild, medium, mature, extra-mature, vintage and West Country Farmhouse Cheddar. The main difference between them is the time they are aged – usually from 2 months for mild to 24 months for vintage.

Depending on how aged individual cheeses are, the taste ranges from very mild to tangy, the colour from almost white to mid yellow and the texture from very smooth to crumbly. There are also varieties now produced with extra flavourings and Cheddar is now made in many countries. An excellent cheese for both eating and cooking.

Below are links to some of the many recipes on this site using cheddar including starters, main courses, and accompaniments. Listed by preparation time. To find more use the  search page

Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold     

HD = Starter      MC = Main Course       ACC = Accompaniment      DP  = Desserts/Puddings

Recipes using Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Hors d'oeuvres & starter Recipes

Cheese Floats for Soup    Veg HT 10mins

Cheese and Sausage Canapés    HT PFC English 15mins

Mini Cheese Croquettes   Veg  HT  PFC 15mins plus chilling

Pan Fried Figs With Chorizo    HT HD 15mins

Savoury Baked Eggs    Veg HT HD 25mins

Scallops Au Gratin    HT HD 25mins

Cheese and Onion Tarts    Veg CD PIC 45mins

Parma Palmiers    CD HD 45mins

Twice Baked Laverbread Soufflés    Veg HT HD Welsh 55mins plus cooling


Cheddar Main Course recipes


Anchovy Tuna and Olive Pizza    HT MC 25mins

Cheesy Grilled Haddock    HT MC 25mins

Crab Cakes with Spinach    HT MC British 25mins

Finnan Haddie    HT MC Scottish 35mins

Plaice au Gratin    HT MC 40mins

Pollack With Mushrooms    HT MC 40mins

Salmon and Smoked Haddock Pie    HT MC English 40mins

Savoury Fish Crumble    HT  MC  40mins      New!   October  2008

Cod Au Gratin    HT MC English 45mins

Savoury Baked Fish    HT MC British 50mins

Green Fig and Saltfish Pie    HT MC West Indian 85mins plus soaking

Stuffed Calamares Squid    HT MC 90mins


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Poultry and Meat

Frankfurters with Macaroni    HT MC 25mins

Cheese Burgers    HT MC BBQ 30mins

Chipolata Surprise    HT MC 35mins

Lamb and Aubergine Patties    HT  MC  40mins          August  2008

Turkey and Spinach Bake    HT MC British 40mins

Turkey, Almond and Cheese Bake    HT MC British 45mins

Chicken Stuffed Marrow    HT MC English 50mins

Luncheon Meat and Broccoli Bake    HT MC English 55mins

Bacon and Sweetcorn Quiche    HT CD MC 60mins

Shepherd's Pie    HT MC English 60mins

Lamb in Phyllo Filo    HT MC Greek 75mins

Meat Lasagne    HT MC 80mins

Cheese and Meat Loaf    HT CD MC English 100mins

Layered Heart Casserole    HT MC 120mins

Moussaka    HT MC Greek 135mins



Welsh Rarebit    Veg HT MC British 15mins

Cheese and Basil Flower Omelette    Veg HT MC 20mins

Two Bean Burgers    Veg HT BBQ MC 20mins

Macaroni Cheese    Veg HT MC 25mins

Black Bean Burritos    Veg HT MC Mexican 25mins plus standing

Cheese and Tomato Bars    Veg CD MC 25mins plus cooling

Chickpea Burgers    Veg HT BBQ MC 30mins plus chilling

Tortilla Beany Bake    Veg HT MC 30mins

Aubergine Pasta Bake    Veg HT MC 40mins plus standing

Cannelloni with Mushrooms    Veg HT MC 40mins

Cheese and Potato Pie    Veg HT MC45mins

Creamy Spinach Pasta Bake    Veg HT MC 45mins

Red Onion and Cheddar Gallettes    Veg HT CD MC 55mins

Mushroom and Cheese Soufflé    Veg HT MC 60mins

Ring of Vegetables    Veg HT MC 60mins

Vegetable Bean Enchiladas    Veg HT MC Mexican 75mins

Celeriac Bake    Veg HT MC 80mins

Cheese and Chive Soufflé    Veg HT English 85mins

Stuffed Cabbage    Veg HT MC 100mins

Lentil Lasagne    Veg HT MC 110mins


Cheddar Accompaniments and side Dish recipes

Corn Dip    Veg CD ACC 5mins

Cheese and Tomato Stuffing for Fish    HT  ACC 10mins

Cheese Floats for Soup    Veg HT 10mins

Creamy Cheese Sauce for Vegetables    Veg  HT  ACC  10mins

Cheese Sauce    Veg HT ACC  15mins

Succotash    Veg HT ACC Canadian 20mins

Mexican Bean Dip    CD ACC 25mins plus chilling

Baked Cauliflower Cheese    Veg HT ACC MC British 30mins

Artichokes Du Barry    Veg HT ACC 35mins

Green Bean and Celeriac Gratin    HT ACC English 45mins

Courgettes Au Gratin    Veg HT ACC 50mins

Swiss Chard and Cheese Bake    Veg HT ACC 50mins

Parsnip Bakes      Veg HT ACC Scottish 55mins

Savoury Mashed Pumpkin    HT Veg ACC 55mins

Potato and Broccoli Nests    Veg HT ACC English 60mins

Potato and Turnip Gratin    Veg HT ACC 65mins

Baked Quinoa with Potatoes Veg HT ACC Peruvian 75mins

Hasselback Potatoes     Veg HT ACC Finnish 75mins


Cheddar Baked Goods recipes

Cheese Shortcrust Pastry    Veg CBF 15mins

Sesame Cheese Crackers    Veg CD CBF 25mins

Two Cheese Drop Biscuits    Veg HT CBF English 40mins

Date and Cheese Bread    Veg HT CD CBF 60mins plus proving

Rustic Cheese Bread    Veg CD CBF 85mins



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