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Suet Pastry Recipe


CD CBF British 10mins

Suet pastry is a traditional British pastry which has a light, elastic and more robust texture, making it perfect for holding fillings with less leakage.


Serves 2-8

Prep & Cook Time:

10 mins

Recipe Tags:  Cold Dairy Free Pastry Pastries British



Self Raising Flour




See full recipe below for exact weights



Although suet pastry can be used in baked recipes such as roly poly's where it is rolled out, spread with a sweet or savoury filling then rolled up like a Swiss roll and steamed or baked or as a pie or tart/flan crust. it is is probably best known for use in recipes which are steamed or boiled  as, unlike most other types of pastry,  it can be rolled out, used to line a pudding basin, filled with a sweet or savoury filling then steamed or boiled. The end result is a light, soft  pastry with an exquisite texture and flavour.


Filled Steamed Puddings

Pie Crusts

Roly Poly's



It gets its name from its use of suet, which is the fat from around the kidneys of a cow which, although it gives a unique taste, strangely enough, doesn't impart any meaty flavour to the finished dish whatsoever.  For those of you who are vegetarian or more health conscious,  it is possible to buy vegetarian "lite" suet which makes a good substitute,  so now everyone can make this delicious pastry.


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It is the use of this fat which makes the difference in this pastry due to the fact that it melts much more slowly than other fats which are used in pastry making, which means the structure of the pastry starts to set before the fat has melted which leaves little air puffs in the dough leading to a lighter end result.


Another factor in creating such a light pastry is that the fat is not rubbed into the flour as it's already shredded into very small pieces


Suet pastry is one of the easiest pastry's to make as there's no rubbing in, hardly any kneading and because the dough is relatively soft, rolling it out is also effortless so even if you feel you are not a good pastry cook, I would urge you to try to make suet crust pastry as it's so simple.


How to make suet pastry


Prep time: 10 mins

Makes approx 350g/12oz of Suet Pastry   Dairy Free   Eggless



225g/8oz Self Raising Flour

1 teasp Salt

100g/4oz Shredded Suet

Cold Water to mix (about  150ml/5fl.oz.)



1. Sift the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl then add the suet and stir with a knife until well distributed.


2. Add half the water and using a knife, start mixing using a figure of 8 movement.


3. Continue to add the water a little at a time, until the dough is soft, slightly sticky and starting to come together.


4. Bring it together with your hand then turn onto a well floured work surface and knead very lightly for a couple of minutes until smooth,  and elastic. The suet shreds may still be just discernable.


5. If you have enough time, chill for 20 - 30 minutes but for best results bring back to room temperature before using.


Roll out to :-

No less than 6mm/-inch for individual pasties and flan bases.

Between 6mm/-inch and 12mm/ -inch for large pie crusts or roly poly's

Just under 2.5cm/1-inch to line pudding basins

Suet Crust Pastry Tips

If you don't have self raising flour, you can use plain flour however you must add baking powder - 1 teaspoon to every 225g/8oz of flour.

For savoury versions try adding herbs such as oregano, parsley or thyme or other seasonings such as chilli powder or dried mustard powder

For sweet versions, depending on the recipe, try adding a small amount of sugar, grated lemon or orange zest

Use a mixture of half wholemeal self-raising flour and half self raising flour                                                            

Adding an egg to suet crust pastry makes the pastry crisper

Always use half suet to flour when making suet pastry

Try to use suet pastry at room temperature for best results.

Always preheat the oven when baking suet crust pastry


How much suet pastry do you need


Roly Polys

To serve 2 -   175g/6oz Self Raising Flour, 75g/3oz Suet

To serve 4 -   225g/8oz Self Raising Flour, 100g/4oz Suet

To serve 6  - 350g/12oz Self Raising Flour, 175g/6oz Suet

Pie crusts

It depends on how wide the pie dish is. In general:-

To serve 2  -4  -  175g/6oz Self Raising Flour, 75g/3oz Suet

To serve 6 - 8  - 225g/8oz Self Raising Flour, 100g/4oz Suet


Filled steamed puddings: pastry required to line the basin

To serve 2 - Use a 600ml/20fl.oz./2 cup  pudding basin    - 175g/6oz Self Raising Flour, 75g/3oz Suet

To serve 4 - Use a 900ml /30fl.oz./3 cup  pudding basin   - 225g/8oz Self Raising Flour, 100g/4oz Suet

To serve 6  -Use a 1.1 L/40fl.oz./5 cup  pudding basin         -  350g/12oz Self Raising Flour, 175g/6oz Suet



Recipes using suet pastry


NB   When a recipe calls for a particular weight of pastry, this is the total weight of the pastry



Is there a substitution for suet to make suet pastry?

Not really although you could try using frozen lard which has been coarsely grated.


Key techniques required to make this recipe

Sift -  To pass a dry ingredient, such as flour, through a sieve to ensure it is lump free.


Knead - A rhythmic action in dough making whereby one end of the dough is secured by the heel of one hand and  stretched away, then pulled back over the top. In bread making, two hands are use.

Main equipment required to make suet pastry

Mixing Bowl



Rolling pin


Make Ahead

Can be made several hours before needed. Always refrigerate but if possible, bring back to room temperature before using.



Wrap well in freezer proof clingfilm or plastic bag. Lasts for a few months. Defrost in the refrigerator before using.

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