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Types of biscuits, how to make homemade biscuits and lots of biscuit recipes


September is Biscuit Month 


There's such an array of biscuits on sale in shops, many people don't even think about making their own any more, especially as recipes are often enough to make dozens of biscuits. However if you can buy it, you can bake it, or at least something similar and homemade biscuits can still be made cheaply especially as most recipes can be adapted to make smaller quantities.


There are lots of biscuit and cookie recipes on the site, however once you've grasped the basics , making your own variations will be simple, so this editorial concentrates on the different types of biscuits which can be made at home which form the building blocks of homemade biscuits and cookies. 


Types of Biscuits

It is more simple to divide the "types" of biscuits by means of the method in which they are made, so below is a chart showing the four main methods plus examples of the types of biscuits which can be made using those methods.






Rubbed In Biscuits

These types are mainly based on pastries and the name refers to the rubbing in of the fat into the flour as would be done when making pastry such as shortcrust. This is done by placing the flour in a large mixing bowl, then adding butter which has been cut into pieces then rubbing the two together between your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

Depending on the type of biscuit being made, other dry ingredients are then stirred in before the wet ingredients such as egg or milk, which will bind the dough together, ready to be rolled out and shaped/cut.


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The key factor when making these types of biscuits (as with all pastry) is not to over-do the rubbing in otherwise the gluten in the flour will be over-worked which will make the biscuits tough rather than crumbly.

Sometimes recipes call for "cutting in" the fat. It works on the same principle as rubbing in except it's done using two knives, the blades of which are repeated crossed is a scissor-like fashion in the bowl, which cuts down the size of the fat cubes.


Here's a basic recipe using the rubbing in  method which makes around 12 small biscuits. This mixture is easily remembered as it's basically twice as much flour to butter, however it can be made richer by the addition of more butter - up to equal parts butter to flour.


100g/4oz plain flour
50g/2oz butter, cubed
50g/2oz caster sugar
1 egg yolk

Method - Place the flour in a large mixing bowl, add the butter cubes and rub in with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar then add the egg yolk and vanilla extract and mix to a firm dough. Add a little milk if the dough is too thick.


Although this the dough is firm, it often benefits from a short time chilling or in the freezer. It can be rolled out to around 1cm/ -inch  thickness before being cut into shapes or can be  moulded into a log, chilled or frozen well, then cut into slices.


Creamed Biscuits

The name refers to the addition of the fat to sugar as would be done when making cakes.  This is done by placing softened butter in a large mixing bowl, then adding the sugar, and beating the two together with a wooden spoon or electric whisk, until the mixture is well blended, light and fluffy.

Depending on the type of biscuit being made, wet ingredients are then stirred in such as eggs or milk, before the flour or other dry ingredients are added. These doughs are often very soft, so small spoonfuls are dropped onto baking sheets, well spaced apart.


The main reason for using this method is to ensure the mixture is well blended without the flour being over-worked so as to produce a light crumble biscuit.


Here's a basic recipe using the creaming method which makes about 12 large biscuits.


125g/5oz butter, softened
75g/3 oz caster sugar
1 small egg yolk
1 teasp vanilla extract
175g/6oz plain flour

Method - cream the cutter and sugar until pale and fluffy, mix in the egg yolk and vanilla, mix in the flour. The dough is firm but can benefit from a short time chilling. It can be rolled out to no more than 1cm/ -inch  thickness before being cut into shapes or can be  moulded into a log, chilled or frozen well, then cut into slices.


You can add other liquid flavourings instead of the vanilla,   additional ingredients such as dried fruit, nuts or chocolate chips, or spices such as cinnamon, ground ginger or curry powder for savoury versions. 


Whisked Biscuits


The name refers to the way the egg content is treated.


Egg whites - these are whisked until firm

Egg yolks/whole eggs - thee are whisked together with the sugar content until thickened and lightened


These types of biscuits range from straight-forward whisked egg whites with added sugar in the form of light as air meringues to more substantial biscuits such as coconut macaroons.


As these recipes vary enormously, it is not possible to give a generic basic recipe here.


Melted Biscuits


The name refers to the way certain ingredients are prepared. In most cases, the recipes include liquid sweeteners such as honey, golden (corn) syrup or molasses. All sweeteners (including sugar) are placed in a large saucepan together with the fat content, which is then gently melted and stirred until well combined.  Often the other ingredients are added to the melted ingredients so most of the mixing is done in the saucepan rather than in a mixing bowl.


The mixture can be soft enough to easily drop from a spoon such as brandy snaps, or thick enough to press into a tin such as flapjacks. Once again, as these recipes vary enormously, it is not possible to give a generic basic recipe here.



Basic ingredients used to make biscuits

Using the correct basic ingredients is important if the desired results are to be achieved so always try to  follow the recipe closely. Accurate measuring is also important to ensure the science works.


Type of flour to use when baking biscuits

The use of baking powder or self raising flour in some recipes makes the biscuit more puffy. If a recipe calls for self raising flour, this can be substituted with plain flour provided baking powder is also added - a teasp to every 100g of flour.   However, if a recipe calls for plain (all purpose) flour, unless it also includes baking powder, do not substitute it with self raising flour.

Fat content in biscuits

In general, the more fat used the crisper the biscuit will be whilst the less fat used the puffier the biscuit will be.  Depending on the recipe,  solid fats such as butter, lard, margarine and solid vegetable oils or shortenings (e.g. Trex or Cookeen in the UK or Crisco in the US) can be used however it should be noted that whipped spreads are not suitable.

Shortenings and margarine are more stable which helps biscuits keep their pre-formed shapes. Because butter melts at a much lower temperature than other solid fats, they tend to spread out a little more. However, the flavour it gives is unsurpassable, so it is worth lowering the amount of butter in a recipe which otherwise calls for shortening or margarine to ensure the biscuits hold their shape if it is of importance to the finished biscuit.

Sweeteners in biscuits

The type and amount of sweetener used can play a vital role in the way a biscuit turns out. In general,  reducing the amount of sugar called for in a biscuit recipe helps to bake the finished biscuit more puffy.


White sugar makes crisper biscuits than brown sugar

Brown sugar tend to absorb moisture after baking which helps them to stay chewy. 

Liquid sweeteners such as honey or golden (corn) syrup  help the finished biscuit to be moist or chewy.

Liquids in biscuits

Many liquids can be used to flavour such as vanilla extract,  almond essence, lemon or orange juice. These are generally used in small quantities which doesn't have too much effect on the structure of the finished biscuit. However, liquids used primarily to bind the dough can either cause biscuits to puff up or spread out.


Milk or water will help biscuits to spread and will help create a crisper finish.

Egg yolks add richness and also help create a crisper finish.

Egg whites tend to make biscuits more dry so extra sugar is often added to counteract this.


Amending recipes

Baking large amounts of biscuits, referred to as 'batch baking' is as simple as doubling the ingredients (more than that and you'd probably have to consider getting another oven). However it is also possible to bake smaller amounts of biscuits provided you are careful when measuring out ingredients, particularly when it comes to eggs - even if you have to resort to using teaspoons.


Biscuit Recipes


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