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Glace Icing Recipes


Basic glacé icing recipe plus variations and flavoured glace icing recipes


This icing recipe is sufficient to cover 10-12 cupcakes or fairy cakes, 24 small biscuits (cookies) or the top of a 20cm/8-inch cake.  If you wish to use the glace icing for piping, such as on gingerbread men or biscuits,  add a little more icing sugar to give a slightly thicker consistency.

Ingredients for basic Glace Icing

100g/4oz Icing Sugar, - sieved
Approx 30ml/2 tbsp Water


Instructions how to make basic Glace Icing


1. Place the sieved icing sugar in a mixing bowl, add the water and any flavouring or colouring and beat until smooth and thick enough to thickly coat the back of a spoon.


If you find the mixture is too thin, add  more sieved icing sugar. If it's too thick add more water a few drops at a time as a little liquid goes a long way.


End of instructions


Glace Icing Recipe Variations


Coloured Glace Icing Recipe

Add 2-3 drops of food colouring. Be very careful not to add too much.

Orange Glace Icing Recipe

Replace the water with fresh Orange Juice or undiluted Orange squash


Lemon Glace Icing Recipe

Replace the water with fresh Lemon Juice


Chocolate Glace Icing Recipe

Sift 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder in with the icing sugar before adding the water


Coffee Glace Icing Recipe

Substitute the water with strong black coffee


Vanilla Glace Icing Recipe

Add a few drops of Vanilla Extract


Almond Glace Icing Recipe

Add a few drops of Almond Essence


Rum Glace Icing Recipe

Substitute the water with Rum

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Tips, Options and Substitutions


Use a good sized mixing bowl as icing sugar is very light and tends to fly off when mixing

Only make up the icing once the cakes/biscuits have completely cooled


Main equipment required to make this recipe


Mixing Bowl

Wooden Spoon



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