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Burns Night

Born on 25th January 1759 in Ayrshire, Scotland, Robert (Rabbie) Burns was  the eldest of seven children born to William Burness,  a struggling tenant farmer. Although too poor to have much formal education, encouraged by his father, Burns became widely read in English literature and even learned to read French. Also, his mother introduced him to Scottish folk songs, legends, and proverbs.


Over the years, burns wrote hundreds of songs and poems including Auld Lang Syne which today  is sung the world over at New Year. He died in Dumfries on 21st  July 1796 at the age of 37.


Burns Night Suppers


Burns Suppers have been part of Scottish culture for around 200 years to  commemorate Scotland's best loved bard.

The practice was started by close friends of Burns as a tribute to his memory, although originally they were held in July to mark the anniversary of his death.  Today the event is generally held on (or around) 25th January to mark his birth.


Burns Night Menu


Celebrate the life and times of Scottish Poet Robert Burns with a Burns Supper on 25th January.  Traditional recipes to serve would be


Scotch Broth   to start  

 Haggis  served with 

Neeps n Tatties  

 Raspberry Cranachan  for dessert


All washed down with the "water of life"  - good Scottish whiskey. Find more traditional Scottish recipes on this site.


Although there is a set format for a traditional Burns Supper, you can omit most of the formalities or just kick it off by saying the traditional  "Selkirk Grace"   before the meal begins:-

Some hae meat and canna eat;
And some wad eat that want it:
But we hae meat and we can eat
And sae the Lord be thankit.

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