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Burger Recipes

A large selection of burger recipes using all types of ingredients


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Below is a selection of burgers using all types of ingredients.  Don't be afraid to experiment with your own seasonings. All of these burgers can be cooked on the barbecue or under a conventional grill or hotplate/frying pan.



About Hamburgers

A burger, or hamburger is cooked minced (ground) meat which is served in a bun, usually with garnishes such as mustard, tomato ketchup or relish, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and onion. Strictly speaking the meat bit is called a patty and was traditionally beef, however today it can be made of any ingredient and many people refer to just the meat as a burger.


Contrary to the name, a hamburger never did contain any ham. The name derives from Hamburg steak, and was named after the German city of Hamburg where pounded beef was common in the the mid 1800s.


Burger Recipes

Meat Burger Recipes

Herb Lamb Burgers   25mins

Minty Lamb Burgers     25mins

Blue Cheese Burgers    30mins

Cheese Burgers   30mins

Coriander Pork Burgers  30mins

Cumin Burgers (beef)   30mins

Curried Beef Burgers    30mins

Easy Thai Pork Burgers  30mins

Jack Cheese Burgers   30mins

Oriental Lamb Burgers    30mins

Simple Beef Burgers  30mins

Venison and Sage Burgers   35mins

Chilli Pork Burgers   45mins

Poultry & Game Burger recipes

Ostrich Feta Burgers    15mins

Salisbury Ostrich Steak    20mins

Alligator Burgers    25mins

Feta Cheese Turkey Burgers    25mins

Coriander Turkey Burgers     30mins  

Chicken and Thyme Burgers    35mins

Juniper Venison Burgers   35mins

Spicy Chicken Burgers    35mins

Venison and Sage Burgers  35mins

Chicken Bacon Burgers    40mins

Chicken and Mushroom Burgers   45mins


Vegetarian Burger Recipes

Tofu Burgers   20mins

Two Bean Burgers  20mins

Edam Bean Burgers   25mins plus chilling

Nut Burgers    25mins

Summer Burgers   25mins plus cooling

Vegan Bean Burgers    25mins

Chickpea Burgers  30mins plus chilling

Buns and Breads

Gluten Free Burger Buns   35mins plus cooling

Gluten Free Pitta Dough    Veg  35mins

Burger Buns    Veg  40mins plus proving

Pitta Bread      Veg  50mins

Barley Flatbreads    Veg  50mins plus proving

Dairy Free Rosemary Rolls   Veg  50mins plus


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Don't forget to check out our relish recipes to make your homemade burgers even more special.



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