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British Sausage Week



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Whilst the British can't take credit for having invented the sausage,  they do hold a special place in the hearts of many Britons. There's even a British Sausage Appreciation Society which boasts over 7,000 members.


According to the  Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Meat Services, 90% of British households buy sausages, 50% at least every four weeks, every day, five million Britons will eat sausages but despite being known world-wide for their wonderful cooked breakfasts which often include sausages, 46% of the total amount of pork sausages consumed are eaten in the evening.


Favourite British Sausages


Although there is  thought to be over 470 recipes and flavours for sausages in the UK, plain pork sausages are the ones people buy most often especially for use in recipes such as toad-in-the-hole. However, many of the regional speciality sausages have now become popular throughout the country. Some of the favourites which are readily available in many supermarkets include:-



A pork sausage seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices but predominantly pepper and made in a continuous spiral. It is traditionally sold by length rather than weight


A pork sausage flavoured predominantly with pepper, mace, nutmeg and cayenne 


A herby sausage  traditionally made with pork, bread and sage

Pork & apple (West Country)

A pork sausage often with added cider or scrumpy and flavoured with sage.

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Interesting Sausage Facts


    The Sumerians were making sausages 5,000 years ago

    In 320 A.D. the Catholic Church banned the eating of  sausages due to their association with Pagan festivities

    Sausages were first divided into links in Britain during the reign of Charles I (1600-1649)

    Raw sausages used to be placed up chimneys to be cure

    'Bangers' which is the British nickname for sausages, originated from the Second World War when the high water content made them tend to explode during cooking as the water turned to steam

    Sausage machines can fill sausages at a rate of 1 miles an hour


British Sausage Recipes

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There are lots of recipes on this site using all kinds of sausage but below are just three to whet your appetite.  To find more sausage recipes, use the search form below.


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