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Brie & Camembert Cheese Recipes

Information about Brie and Camembert Cheese plus lots of Brie and Camembert Cheese Recipes

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Brie is a French soft cows' cheese produced from whole or semi-skimmed milk which in some countries is required to be pasturised. It is pale with a white edible mould which is not intended to be separated from the cheese when eating.   As with many cheeses, today there are other varieties made including  herbed , double and triple.


Camembert is a French soft Cows' cheese  first made in the late 18th century in Normandy and produced from unpasturised milk. It is ripened by the moulds Penicillium candida and Penicillium camemberti and made in small rounds, about 250 in weight, which are often sold in wooden boxes.

Below is a list of many recipes on this site using Brie and Camembert cheese including soups, starters and main courses. Listed by preparation time. To find more use the  search page

Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold     

SP = Soup  HD = Starter      MC = Main Course 


Brie & Camembert Soups and Starters Recipes

Brie Pate    Veg  CD  HD  10mins plus chilling

Deep Fried Brie with Blackberry Sauce    Veg  HT  HD  British  20mins

Deep Fried Camembert with Raspberry Sauce    Veg  HT  HD  20mins

Walnut Camembert Pate    Veg  CD  HD  20mins plus chilling

Brie Stuffed Vine Leaves    Veg  HT  BBQ  HD  25mins

Camembert Stuffed Vine Leaves    Veg  HT  HD  25mins

Cranberry Brie Bites    Veg  HT  PFC  25mins

Baked Brie with Mushrooms   Veg  HT  HD  30mins

Fried Cheese Bites    Veg  HT  CD  PFC  30mins

Kiwi Glazed Camembert    Veg  HT  HD  50mins plus cooling

Bacon and Brie Soup    HT  SP  55mins


Brie & Camembert Main Course Recipes

Brie and Herb Quiche    Veg  HT  CD  French  35mins

Brie Bacon and Pear Open Pie    HT  MC  35mins


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