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Bread Recipes & Bun Recipes


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There's nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread baking  and nothing quite like the taste of freshly made bread straight from the oven. With the array of affordable bread making machines available, home made bread is something everyone can enjoy no matter how little time you have.


This section lists the bread and bun recipes on this site in order by preparation time, so if you don't have much time, you can easily find a quick recipe. Here you'll  find everything  including pizza dough, pitta flatbread, white, brown and wholemeal breads, sweet and savoury breads from around the world and much more. Alternatively, if you know the exact recipe you require, use the search box at the bottom of the page.



Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold          CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre



10 Minute homemade Pizza Crust (Base)    Veg  HT  CBF  Italian  10mins    November  2009

Quick Pitta Bread    Veg  HT  ACC  15mins       February 2007

Ethiopian Injera Flatbread    Veg  CD  ACC  20mins plus standing     October 2009

Pizza Crust (base)  Veg    HT   CBF     Italian     20mins plus rising       

Staffordshire Oatcakes    Veg  HT  CBF  English  20mins plus standing    August 2008

Singing Hinnies    Veg   CD  CBF      25mins 

Brioches    Veg    CD  CBF    French   30mins plus proving

Butter Squares    Veg    CD  CBF      30mins plus proving

Gluten Free Tortillas     Veg  HT  CBF  Mexican  30mins plus resting    

Savoury Brioches    Veg    HT   CD  CBF    French    30mins plus proving

Basic Arepas      Veg   HT  ACC  Venezuelan  35mins      June  2004

Gluten Free Pitta Dough    Hot    Veg    CBF    ACC 35mins   

Oliebollen     HT    CD   CBF   Dutch   35mins plus standing   December 2002

Burger Buns    Veg  HT  CD  CBF  40mins plus proving        April 2008

Godhamba Roti     Veg  HT  CD  ACC  Sri Lankan  40mins plus standing      July   2006

Malasadas     Veg  HT  CBF  Portuguese  40mins plus proving         October  2004

Cherry Walnut Hot Cross Buns   Veg  CD  CBF  45mins   New !   March 2010

Hungarian Doughnuts    Veg  HT  CD  CBF  Hungarian  45mins plus proving      November 2002

Oatmeal Bread       Veg  CD  CBF  Irish   45mins plus soaking       April  2004

Roti Canai       Veg  HT  CD  ACC  Malaysian  45mins plus resting         April  2005

Barley Flatbreads    Veg  HT  CBF  Egyptian           February 2007

Bridge Rolls Recipe     Veg  CBF  50mins plus proving      New !   May 2011

Bulgarian Cheese Loaves    Veg  CD  CBF  Bulgarian  50mins  March  2004

Dairy Free Onion Focaccia     CD   Veg   CBF 50mins plus proving  

Devonshire Splits    Veg    CD  British   CBF     50mins plus proving

Irish Soda Bread   Veg   HT CD CBF    British     50mins        

Dairy Free Sweet Rosemary Rolls        CD  Veg  CBF   50mins plus proving    November 2001

Pao de Queijo    Veg   CD   CBF  Brazilian   50mins plus cooling     July  2002

Pitta Bread   Veg  HT CD ACC 50mins       February 2007

Sweet Buns     Veg  CD  CBF  Finnish  50mins      May  2004

Sweet Potato Bread    Veg   CD   CBF   Fijian   50mins plus cooling       February  2004

Tomato Focaccia   Veg  HT  CD  CBF  Italian  50mins plus proving   June  2002

Treacle Soda Bread   Veg  HT  CD   CBF   British   50mins  plus cooling    

Unleavened Barley Bread    Veg  CD  CBF Finnish  50mins       April 2007

Cranberry Bannock Bread   Veg  HT  CD  CBF  Canadian  55mins    Sept 2006

Damper      Veg  CD  CBF  Australian  55mins              June  2005

Iced Banana Bread Ring   Veg  CD  CBF  60mins   New !   July 2011

Beetroot Paratha    Veg  HT  ACC  Pakistani  Indian  60mins  September  2002

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Chelsea Buns    Veg  CD  CBF  English  60mins plus proving         February 2008

Coriander Paratha     Veg HT ACC  Pakistani  Indian  60mins  Sept  2002

Date and Cheese Bread    Veg    HT   CD   CBF    60mins plus proving

Indonesian Soda Bread       Veg  CD  CBF  Indonesian 60mins       July 2003

Irish Boxty Bread     Veg   HT   CBF   British 60mins        

Plain Butter Paratha    Veg   HT   ACC   Pakistani   60mins   September  2002

Rosemary Bread    Veg    CD  CBF    60mins plus proving

Roti      Veg  HT  CD  ACC  CBF  West Indian 60mins plus resting     May  2002

Saffron Bread     Veg   CD   CBF   English   60mins plus proving     May  2002

YoYos      Veg  HT  CD  Tunisian   60mins plus resting        March  2006

Allo ka Paratha    HT   Veg   ACC   Pakistani Indian 65mins   September  2002

Basic White Bread  Veg   CBF    65mins plus proving

Granary Bread    Veg    CD   CBF    65mins plus proving

Caraway Bread   Veg   CD    CBF  70mins plus proving

Onion and Mozzarella Bread   HT     CBF   70mins plus proving

Date and Walnut Loaf   Veg   CD   CBF    70mins plus proving

Sesame Bread      Veg   CD   CBF    70mins plus proving    October 2003

Sesame Bread Rings   Veg  CD  CBF  Egyptian  70mins plus proving       February 2007

Sun Dried Tomato Bread    Veg    CD  CBF     75mins plus proving


Tahitian Sweet Bread       Veg   CD   CBF   Tahitian 75mins      May 2003

Banana Bread     Veg  CD  CBF  80mins      New !   July 2011

Dhalpuri Roti     Veg  HT  CD  ACC  CBF  W. Indian   80mins plus soaking   June 2003

Peanut Bread    Veg   HT  CD  CBF   Fijian    80mins     February  2004

Bread Sticks      Veg    CD  CBF     85mins plus proving

Fig Date and Walnut Bread    Veg  CD  CBF  Egyptian  85mins plus cooling     February 2007

Pear and Pine Nut Bread      Veg  CD CBF  85mins    July 2003

Raisin Challah     Veg   CD   CBF   Jewish    85mins plus proving      December 2002

Rustic Cheese Bread     Veg   CD   CBF   85mins       May 2003

Rye Bread    Veg    CD  CBF     90mins

Stollen   Veg  CD  CBF    German     90mins plus proving       

Sweet Bread     Veg  CD  CBF  Portuguese  90mins plus proving       October  2004

Wiltshire Lardy Cakes    HT  CD  CBF  English  90mins plus proving      April  2007

Khubs (Moroccan Bread)    Veg   CD   CBF   Moroccan   95mins     June  2002

Pumpkin Bread      C  Veg   CBF   95mins plus cooling   

Russian Black Bread    Veg  CD  CBF  Russian  100mins plus proving         December 2004

Raisin and Date Buns    Veg   CD   CBF    110mins plus proving

English Muffins     Veg   HT  CD  CBF  135mins     New !   June 2010

Hot Cross Buns     Veg  HT  CD  CBF  135mins

Irish Barm Brack  Veg   CD   CBF     British     190mins  



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