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Veal & Beef Main Course Recipes

A large collection of Beef Recipes and Veal Recipes


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Key:-   Veg = Vegetarian     HT = Hot      CD = Cold      SP = Soup      HD = Starter      MC = Main Course  ACC = Accompaniment      DP = Dessert/Pudding     CBF = Cakes/Baked Fayre


* Denotes A Weekday Menu Recipe


Beef recipes & Veal recipes prepared in 30 Minutes and under

Corned Beef Fritters   HT  MC  English  15mins     

* Pesto Veal Cutlets    HT  MC  15mins      July 2008

Steak Diane  HT MC  20 minutes      New!   October 2012

* Wiener Schnitzel   HT  MC  Austrian  15mins

* Beef in Whisky Sauce       HT  MC  Scottish  20mins                          

* Corned Beef Hash   HT  MC  20mins

* Egyptian Kofta    HT  MC  20mins plus chilling     February 2007

* Mustard Steaks    HT  MC  English  20mins        July  2008

Neua Pad Kimao (Flamed Beef)  HT  MC  Thai  20mins        

* Peppered Steak   HT  MC   20mins

* Red Flannel Hash      HT  MC  N. American   20mins

Roquefort Steaks    HT  MC  20mins        October  2008

* Steak with Balsamic Prune Sauce     HT  MC  20mins           March 2005

Steak with Port and Chocolate Sauce    HT  MC  20mins      March  2008

* Steamed Beef with Capsicums   HT  MC  20mins

* Stilton Steaks   HT  MC  British  20mins     

* Tikka Kabab      HT  CD  MC  Pakistani 20mins      September 2002

* Beef with Kiwi Sauce     HT  MC  25mins        April  2006

* Boeuf Stroganoff   HT  MC  Russian  25mins

Rempah (meatballs)     HT  MC  Indonesian  25mins

Spiced Beef Sate     HT  MC  Indonesian  25mins plus cooling      July 2003

* Spicy Steak Tacos    HT  MC  Mexican  25mins      December 2002

Steaks with Horseradish     HT  MC  English  25mins   August  2008

Veal Chops with Green Peppercorn Sauce     HT  MC  Madagascan  25mins       May 2004

Veal Escalopes with Lemon Sauce    HT  MC  Italian  25mins    August  2008

Beef with Pine Nuts and Raisins   HT  MC  M Eastern   30mins      July 2003

Bubble and Squeak    HT  MC  British  30mins   

Fillet of Beef Teriyaki   HT  MC  Japanese  30mins plus marinating

Mustard Fillet Steaks   HT  MC  30mins

* Steak with Polenta and Salsa    HT  MC  30mins      June  2008

Sweetbread and Veal Brochettes      HT  MC  30mins

* Spicy  Meat  Balls    HT  MC  30mins

* Veal with Tarragon       HT  MC   30mins

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Beef recipes & Veal recipes prepared in 35 to 60 minutes

Beef and Masala Mould    CD  MC  35mins plus cooling and setting     February 2003

Breaded Veal     HT  MC  Argentine  35mins    October 2003

Meatballs with Spaghetti    HT  MC  35mins     New!   May 2009

Picadinho     HT  MC  Brazilian   35mins    July 2002

Polpette - Italian Meatballs    HT  MC  35mins      May 2009

Rice with Beef and Vegetables     HT  MC  Korean  35mins    September  2005

Soutzoukakia    HT  MC  Greek  35mins   August 2002

Veal Escallops with Mushroom       HT  MC  35mins

Colombian Beef with Tomatoes     HT  MC  40mins      September   2007

Ottoman Pilaf    HT  MC  Middle Eastern  40mins     February 2008

Pabellon Criollo      HT  MC  Venezuelan  40mins    June 2004

Potato Hash      HT  MC  English   40mins 

Tournedos Rossini      HT  MC  French   40mins November  2003

Veal Chops with Chervil       HT  MC  Belgian  40mins   June 2003  

Chilli Meat Tacos    HT  MC  Mexican  45mins           

French Cottage Pies    HT  MC  French  45mins

Portuguese Beef and Onions     HT  MC  Portuguese  45mins     October  2004

Rendang Daging     HT  MC  Malaysian  65mins      April  2005

Stovies   HT  MC  Scottish  45mins    

Tamarind Beef Curry   HT  MC  Cambodian  45mins    October 2003

Balkan Stuffed Vine Leaves   HT  MC  Bulgarian  50mins      March  2004

Peanut Crusted Beef     HT  MC  50mins    March  2007

Potato Stuffed Beef Rolls   HT  MC  50mins     February 2008

Skewered Mixed Grill  HT   MC   50mins

Cape Meat Balls  HT  MC  South African  55mins    September 2003 

Skillet   Stew   HT  MC   55mins

Beef with Okra    HT  MC  Egyptian  60mins     February 2007

Beef with Physalis       HT  MC  60mins

Bolognese Sauce       HT  MC Italian   60mins

Braised Fillet of Beef with Chocolate    HT  MC  60mins     March  2008

Caribbean Spicy Meat Loaf   HT  MC  West Indian  60mins   May  2002

Cornish Pasties     HT  CD  MC  60mins

Crispy Chili Beef     HT  MC  Indonesian  60mins plus cooling    July 2003

Gnocchi with Beef Ragu    HT  MC  Italian  60mins   May 2010

Maistopf   HT  MC  German  60mins  

Meat Dumplings     HT  MC  Russian  60mins   December  2004

Veal Stuffed Vegetables   HT  MC  French  60mins

Beef recipes & Veal recipes prepared in 65 - 90 minutes 

Beef with Greens      HT  MC  Madagascan  65mins        May 2004

Sri Lankan Frikadells Meat balls    HT  MC  PFC  Sri Lankan  65mins      July  2006

Tunisian Beef Stew      HT  MC  Tunisian  65mins plus soaking     March  2006

Cheesy Meatloaf         HT  MC  70mins    

East End Pie and Liquor     HT  MC  English  70mins    October 2003

Stuffed Aubergines with Feta   HT  MC  70mins   August 2002

Beef and Cabbage Bake     HT  MC British  75mins

Burmese Beef Curry    HT  MC  Myanmar  75mins      September  2004

Carne Esmechada       HT  MC  Venezuelan  75mins       June 2004

Kirkcaldy Stovies    HT  MC  Scottish  75mins      March 2002

Beef with Orange         HT  MC  80mins

Creole Meat Loaf     HT  MC  80mins          March 2005

Gyuvetch    HT  MC  Bulgarian   80mins     March  2004

Meat Lasagne     HT  MC   80mins     September  2002

Pork and Beef Tourtière HT MC Canadian 80min     September  2006

Traditional Cornish Pasties     HT  CD  MC  PIC  English   80mins

Beef Empanadas      HT  MC  Argentine  90mins plus resting  October 2003

Beef with Onions   HT  MC  90mins

Carne Mechada con Zanahorias    HT  MC  Spanish 90mins        March 2002

Chili   HT   MC   90mins        New!   July  2011

Coriander Beef Stew     HT  MC  Peruvian  90mins plus marinating        February 2003

Veal in Dill and Mustard Sauce       HT  MC  90mins

Latticed Meat Roll   HT  CD  MC  90mins

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce   HT  MC  90mins

Stuffed Marrow   HT  MC  90mins

Beef recipes & Veal recipes prepared in Over 90 minutes

Argentine Vegetable Beef Stew      HT  MC  Argentine  100mins      October 2003

Beef Wellington   HT  MC  British  100mins plus cooling    

Ceylonese Beef Stew    HT  MC  Sri Lankan  100mins plus soaking          July  2006

Cheese and Meat Loaf      HT  CD  MC  English  100mins 

Fijian Meat Balls     HT  MC  Fijian  100mins    February 2004

Gaeng Masaman Nua  (Beef Curry)    HT  MC Thai  100mins       April 2002

Mixed Meat Stew       HT  MC  Madagascan  100mins     May 2004

Monterey Meat Loaf    HT  CD  MC  100mins    July  2008

Peas and Rice with Beef    HT  MC  West Indian  100mins     May  2002

Meat Loaf   HT  MC  105mins

Beef with Green Olives    HT   MC  Spanish  110mins     March 2002

Bobotie       HT   MC  South African  110mins    September 2003

Slovenian Goulash    HT  MC  110mins      New!   June  2010

Veal in Sorrel Sauce     HT  MC  110mins

Catalan Chocolate Veal Stew    HT  MC  Spanish  115mins    March 2008

Beef Ragout       HT  MC  120mins

Braised Beef with Mushrooms     HT  MC  120mins   November 2002

Central Mexico Meat Stew (Puchero)  HT  MC  Mexican  120mins plus soaking     December 2002

Mauritian Curried Beef    HT  MC  Mauritian  120mins  January 2003

Osso Buco with Orange         HT   MC  Italian   120mins

Veal with Rosemary      HT  MC  120mins

Cold Veal in Herb Sauce     CD   MC  120mins plus chilling

Hungarian Goulash   HT  MC  Hungarian  120mins

Veal Marengo   HT  MC  120mins

Moroccan Beef Stew     HT  MC  Moroccan  125mins  June  2002

Chilli with Chocolate    HT  MC  Mexican  130mins        October   2007

Shipwreck     HT  MC  Canadian  130mins        September  2006

Beef Porkolt        HT  MC  Hungarian  135mins      November  2002

Carbonades Flamandes     HT  MC  Belgian  135mins

Chocolate Beef and Beer Stew    HT  MC  135mins       March 2008


Stuffed Cabbage Rolls     HT   MC   Polish   135mins             May   2005

Beef in Guiness     HT  MC  Irish  140mins       

Braised Veal with Herbs       HT  MC  140mins

Chilli Con Carne       HT  MC  Mexican  140mins

Persian Meat Stew    HT  MC  Iranian  140mins     April 2002

Beef Stifado     HT  MC  Greek  150mins   August 2002

Beef with Marigolds       HT  MC  150mins

Cawl     HT  MC  Welsh   150mins           

Paupiettes de Boeuf   HT  MC  150mins

Roasted Beef with Aubergine    HT  MC  Greek  150mins     August 2002

Swiss Beef Casserole   HT   MC  Swiss  150mins

Roast Shredded Beef      HT  MC  Madagascan  160mins      May 2004

Beef in Burgundy   HT  MC  French   165mins plus marinating      

Pot Roasted Beef    HT  MC  165mins       October   2007

Boiled Beef and Carrots   HT  MC  English  170mins    October   2007

Braised Beef     HT  MC  170mins

One Pot Dinner in a Pumpkin  HT  MC  British  170mins    

Steak and Ale Pie     HT  MC  English  170mins       September   2007

Boeuf Bourguignon   HT  MC  French   180mins plus marination

Estouffade de Boeuf Provencale   HT  MC  French  180mins

Ginger and Treacle Beef Stew     HT  MC  180mins      May 2003

Russian Braised Beef   HT  MC  E. European  180mins

Veal Stock       HT  MC   180mins

Steak and Kidney Pie     HT  MC  British  190mins    

Bavarian Sauerbraten HT MC German 200mins plus marinating          April 2003    

Rhineland Sauerbraten     HT  MC  German  200mins plus marinating      April 2003

Tourtière du Saguenay   HT  MC  Canadian  200mins        September  2006

Ale Brisket     HT  MC  250mins         June  2006

Steak and Kidney Pudding    HT  MC  British  265mins         

Boeuf en Daube    HT  MC  French  270mins plus marination

Spiced Silverside    HT  CD  MC  285mins plus cooling          June  2006

Basic Beef Stock  HT  CD  ACC  360mins


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