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Bacon & Ham Main Course Recipes



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If you know specific ingredients you want use,  use the search form  on the SEARCH PAGE to find all the available bacon recipes or ham recipes - e.g. +ht  +mc  +bacon  +beans     will find you a hot main course containing bacon and beans,  e.g. Bacon and Bean Hotpot.  Recipes below listed by preparation time.

Key:-    HT = Hot      CD = Cold          MC = Main Course         *  = A Working Week Menu


Eggs Benedict      HT   British   15mins       

Leek and Bacon Pasta    HT  MC  20mins      August   2008 

Rolled Ham and Cheese Omelette     HT  MC  20mins     \September 2010

Two Pepper and Ham Pizza     HT   MC   Italian    20mins    

Bacon Chops with Apples    HT  MC  25mins         August   2008 

* Gammon with Pineapple    HT    MC   25mins

Bacon Batter Cakes    HT  MC  British   30mins plus resting

* Gammon with Apricot    HT  MC  30mins       July  2008 

Brie Bacon and Pear Open Tart     HT   MC   35mins

* Bacon and Chive Pancakes   HT  MC   40min  February  2003

* Gammon en Papillotes     HT   MC   40mins

Liege Salad    HT   MC   Belgian   40mins   June 2003

Bacon and Sweet Potato Casserole   HT   MC  50mins  

Stuffed Bacon Chops   HT   MC    50mins

Gammon Steaks with Cider    HT   MC English   55mins plus soaking     September  2002

Bacon and Egg Pie     HT    MC    60mins 

Bacon and Sweetcorn Quiche   HT   CD   MC    60mins

Parmesan Souffle Flan   HT   MC   60mins    

Quiche Lorraine      HT  CD   MC   60mins  

Pork and Tomato Hash  HT  MC  75mins      February 2008 

Huntingdon Fidget Pie     HT  MC  English  80mins   April   2007

Scalloped Ham with Yam   HT  MC  West Indian   85mins      May 2002

Bacon with Broad Beans   HT   MC    90mins  plus soaking

Potato and Double Gloucester Bake  HT   MC   British  90mins

Tartiflette   HT  MC  French 90 mins       New!   June 2012

Bacon and Bean Hotpot    HT   MC  105mins

Caldo Gallego    HT  MC  Spanish 110mins plus soaking        March .2002

Taylors Pease Pudding      HT  MC  English  110mins plus soaking    December 2002


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