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Alligator, Cayman  & Crocodile Cuts


Firstly, for any reader who is concerned about depleting the stock of wild alligators, we would like to point out that most of the commercially sold meat is no longer captured in the wild. As with beef, lamb and other mainstay meats, there are now farms or ranches specialised in the breeding of alligators.

Although in many places you can only buy 'generic' alligator meat in cubes or fillets, with its popularity rising, we are convinced that the various cuts will soon be on offer. Below is a guide to the various cuts of alligator.

Description of Alligator Cuts (alphabetically)


This is a tender cut and can be cooked in any way similar to chicken breasts.


Suggested recipe:    Alligator Medallions with Mustard Sauce


This cut is one of the least tender parts of the animal and is generally sold cubed and used in recipes which call for a longer cooking time or minced and used for burgers. However, it can be used for pan/stir fried recipes provided it is either cut into thin bite-sized pieces or given a good pounding with a mallet before cooking. Darker and stronger tasting than the more tender tail meat.

Suggested recipe:   

One of the least tender cuts, this should be cubed and used in recipes which call for a longer cooking time or or minced and used for burgers.

Suggested recipe:   Alligator Burgers

The meat from the tail is a pale pink to white and is generally considered the choicest cut along with jaw meat. It is very much like veal in texture and can be substituted in many veal and chicken recipes. The tenderloin, which is a cylidrical tube, cut comes from his part of the animal.

Suggested recipe:   Cajun Style Gator Tail

Torso (body)
Torso meat is similar to meat from tail although it is a tougher cut and therefore most suited to recipes requiring a longer cooking time or minced and used for burgers. Alternatively, slice more thinly and give it a good pounding with a mallet before cooking.

Suggested recipe:    Alligator Stew

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