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Thyme Yorkshire Puddings Recipe



Veg HT ACC See timings below


This is an alternative Yorkshire Pudding recipe the flavour of which goes very well with most roast meats.

Hot   Traditional   Vegetarian   Accompaniment   England    British     Europe

This amount is enough to Make:

1 large (serves 4-6)

8 Individual (serves 4 -8)

12 Popovers (serves 4 -6)



2  Eggs

Approx 180ml/6fl.oz. Milk

100g/4oz Plain Flour

 level teasp Salt

1 heaped teasp Freshly Chopped Thyme

Vegetable Oil




1. Preheat the oven to 220C, 425F, Gas mark 7. Put enough vegetable oil in a shallow baking tin (approx 20cm x 25cm/ 8x10-inches) or a  4-hole Yorkshire pudding tin or a 12-hole roasting tin  to cover the base to a depth of approx 3mm/1/8 inch and place in the oven to get very hot.


2. Meanwhile, break the eggs into measuring jug, add enough milk to make it up to 300ml/10fl.oz. and whisk together.


3. Add the flour, salt and thyme and whisk until very smooth with no lumps.


4. Carefully remove the tin(s)  from the oven, making sure the fat is very hot and fill as follows:-


Large Yorkshire  - pour  the batter into the centre of the tin, filling to 2/3rds

4 hole tin              - pour  the batter into the centre of the holes, filling to 2/3rds

Popovers              - pour  the batter into the centre of the holes, filling to half


Return to the hot oven straight away and bake until well risen and golden as follows:-


Large Yorkshire                          - 30-40 minutes

4-hole individual Yorkshires  -  20-25 minutes

Popovers                                      - 15-20 minutes

End of instructions


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Serving Suggestions

Serve hot with your favourite Sunday roast.


Key techniques required to make this recipe


Main equipment required to make this Recipe


Mixing Bowl or jug

Wooden spoon, hand or electric whisk

Baking tin


Make Ahead

You can make the batter up to 2 hours before you are ready to bake the Yorkshire puddings.


Tips, Options and Substitutions

Make sure the fat is sizzling hot before adding the batter.

Do not open the oven door for at least 15 minutes

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