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Accompaniments and Side Dish Recipes


Below are links to the many pages on this site which have condiment, accompaniment and side dish recipes. By "accompaniments" we mean anything which can be served with or as part of a main course  such as side vegetable dishes and condiments, be they served on the side such as a salsa, or incorporated into a recipe such as a sauce.


Bread Recipes

including flatbreads such as pitta bread, foccacia, tortillas, arepas and naan; no-yeast breads such as Irish soda bread and beer bread; large traditional loaves such as wholemeal, granary, white bloomers, herb and flavoured breads and sweet breads such as challah, chelsea buns and doughnuts

Dips and Dressing Recipes

All time favourites such as Hummous, blue cheese dips, blender dressings, Caesar dressing, mayonnaise plain and flavoured vinaigrettes and Guacamole

Jams, Pickles, Preserve Recipes

Fruit jams such as Strawberry Jam, Plum jam and blackberry and apple jam, conserve recipes, marmalade recipes, favourite pickles such as pickled onions, sweet pickled beetroot, piccalilli, chutney recipes, mincemeat, lemon curd, bottled vegetables, bottled fruit, flavoured vinegars and oils.

Pasta, Rice, Grains and Pulse Recipes

These side dishes tend to be a little more substantial than vegetable salads but are light enough to be served as an accompaniment to main dishes. Traditional and popular recipes from around the world including pasta salad recipes, hot and cold bean and rice recipes, plus grains such as bulgur wheat and couscous recipes.

Salsas and Relish Recipes

Salsa is a south American word for sauce. Traditionally they are served cold though preferably at room temperature, and are highly flavoured often with chillies. Below is a collection of Relish and Salsa Recipes including vegetable salsas, fruit salsas and herb salsa recipes.

Side Salad Recipes

Recipes suitable for serving as an accompaniment to main dishes including traditional and popular salad recipes such as coleslaw, Waldorf salad, Caesar salad, Russian salad, potato salad recipes, bean salads and tomato salads. There are also salads from around the world including Tabbouleh, Greek Horiatiki, Canadian Fiddlehead salad and Mauritian Choko Salad.  Don't forget to visit our Pasta accompaniment section for lots of pasta salads - excellent for picnics and summer eating.

Sauces and Butters

Sweet and savoury Sauce  and  Butter Recipes including traditional and popular sauces such as chocolate sauce, crème chantilly, sweet white sauce, brandy sauce, custard and salted caramel sauce, mint sauce, cheese sauce, béarnaise, Velouté, béchamel, mushroom, Espagnole, Chimichurri, Hollandaise, pesto, Puttanesca, bonne femme and Mayonnaise plus many other classic, pasta sauces and modern sauce recipes.

Stuffings & Marinades

Recipes from around the world for stuffings, marinades and rubs, all of which can greatly enhance basic foodstuffs by adding extra flavour or by softening fibres making the foods softer and easier to eat. We have included many traditional and popular recipes such as sage and onion stuffing, red wine marinade and jerk rub.

Vegetables and Misc

Side dishes using all types of vegetables including asparagus, courgette, butternut, pumpkin and broccoli, root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swede, sweet potatoes and celeriac, leafy vegetables such as kale, cabbage and greens plus miscellaneous accompaniments such as dumplings, Yorkshire pudding and Laver bread Cakes 



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