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About British Yorkshire Pudding Day

Sunday 3rd February 2013


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Over the years, I have come across numerous National food day celebrations, most of which  appear to originate in the USA. 

Americans seem to have a high regard for their favourite or traditional foods which they simply translate into celebratory days, and far from being nationalistic, these are merely opportunities taken to highlight much-loved foods or dishes, often in a fun and light-hearted way.

I decided it was about time us British did likewise and in the same tone, so designated February 2008 to mark the launch of British Yorkshire Pudding Day.


Why Yorkshires?

To me, Yorkshire Pudding is one of the most iconic of British dishes, famous not only in the UK but also abroad.  It is a treasured dish which most Britons (and many visitors to our country) will have eaten at least once, and many who live in the


UK consume it on a regular basis - once or twice a month, frequently more.


It is also a recipe which has stood the test of time, with its present form boasting a history dating back to the 1700s and its predecessor, Batter Pudding, having been eaten perhaps centuries before that throughout Great Britain.  In fact, it's probably safe to say that as long as meat has been spit roasted, some form of Yorkshire Pudding has been made, though no-one really knows when it was first eaten.


More importantly, it is a recipe of the people -  no matter what their background or where they live, millions have enjoyed it, so what better British dish to honour than Yorkshire Pudding.

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Why the 1st Sunday in February

Although the idea was fully formulated some months before, in order to give everyone enough time to identify with the concept and 'get on board', I decided to delay the actual day.  February seemed a good month, not only because the weather, being rather chilly in the UK, is conducive  to eating comfort food, but it's also long enough after Christmas that everyone will have forgotten any feelings of guilt they may have been harbouring for having over indulged.


As Sunday Roast Dinners are probably still the most popular time when people make and eat Yorkshires, it seemed logical that British Yorkshire Pudding Day should be on a Sunday . . . . but which Sunday?


At the time of its inception, many Britons still follow the tradition of adhering to Lent,  a 40 day period of abstention from eating certain foods,  starting in February and ending at Easter. Although today those who observe Lent often just give up something they like, such as chocolate, traditionally the eating of rich foods was prohibited during this period, so people would make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to use up any eggs, milk and fats they may have. 

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I felt that it was therefore only fitting that whilst attempting to celebrate and preserve one part of our heritage, the opportunity to join in shouldn't exclude those who still celebrate and preserve another British tradition.  The first Sunday in February was therefore the natural choice, taking all of the above into account.




As intimated above, British Yorkshire Pudding Day is not meant to be some sort of serious nationalistic statement with  sinister undertones. It is merely a day set aside when everyone, be they British or not, can remember, enjoy and celebrate the joys of an age-old recipe.


2011 saw the launch of "Yorkshire Pudding Week"  by a British manufacturer of Yorkshire puddings. Whilst I encourage people to eat Yorkies as often as possible, don't be sucked into this blatant rip-off on the back of British Yorkshire Pudding Day which has obviously been conjured up to increase their sales. Keep the faith: Keep British Yorkshire Pudding Day! 


Happy British Yorkshire Pudding Day !


Florence Sandeman, Publisher



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