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Brief History of the FIFA World Cup


Although FIFA was founded in 1904, the first world cup proper didn't take place until 1930, when FIFA named Uruguay as the host country of the first World Cup tournament. Only selected nations were invited to send a team, however the time and costs involved in travelling to Uruguay meant the only European teams making the trip were from Belgium, France, Romania, and Yugoslavia. A total of 13 nations took part comprising 7 from South America,  2 from North America and 4 from Europe.

The first goal in World Cup history was scored by France and the final was between Uruguay and Argentina with Uruguay winning 42,  thus becoming the first nation to win the World Cup as we know it.


Long haul travel continued to cause problems for the world cup tournament which had been decided to be held every four years, with few South American teams willing to travel to Europe for the 1934 and 1938 tournaments including the holders Uruguay.  The tournament was further disrupted due to World War II, with the 1942 and 1946 competitions being cancelled.

The 1950 World Cup was held in Brazil and was the first to include British teams. The tournament also saw the return of Uruguay, who subsequently won the tournament again by defeating Brazil. In the 1950 tournament most of the 13 competing teams were from Europe and South America. By 1998, 32 teams participated including teams from Africa, Asia and North America and in 2006, 198 nations attempted to qualify.  In 2010,  204 countries played in the qualification rounds.

About the World Cup Trophy

From 1930 to 1970, the Jules Rimet Trophy was awarded to the World Cup winner. The winner could only keep the cup until the next tournament however in 1970, Brazil's third victory in the tournament entitled them to keep the trophy forever. Unfortunately, the trophy was stolen in 1983,  and it is thought that it was melted down by the thieves.

A new trophy was designed for the 1974 tournament by the Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga. Made of solid 18 carat gold it is 36cm/14-inches high and weighs 6.175 kg/13.6lb with the bottom side of the trophy bearing the engraved year and name of each FIFA World Cup winner since 1974.  Winners keep the trophy until the next tournament and are given a gold-plated replica rather than the solid gold original.


2010 FIFA World Cup Groups


Group A
South Africa
Group B
South Korea
Group C
United States
Group D

Group E

Group F
New Zealand

Group G
Ivory Coast
North Korea

Group H


2010 FIFA World Cup Fixtures


Group Stage
Date and UK Time Group Match
11 Jun, 15:00 A South Africa v Mexico
11 Jun, 19:30 A Uruguay v France
12 Jun, 12:30 B Korea Republic v Greece
12 Jun, 15:00 B Argentina v Nigeria
12 Jun, 19:30 C England v USA
13 Jun, 12:30 C Algeria v Slovenia
13 Jun, 15:00 D Serbia v Ghana
13 Jun, 19:30 D Germany v Australia
14 Jun, 12:30 E Netherlands v Denmark
14 Jun, 15:00 E Japan v Cameroon
14 Jun, 19:30 F Italy v Paraguay
15 Jun, 12:30 F New Zealand v Slovakia
15 Jun, 15:00 G Ivory Coast v Portugal
15 Jun, 19:30 G Brazil v Korea DPR
16 Jun, 12:30 H Honduras v Chile
16 Jun, 15:00 H Spain v Switzerland
16 Jun, 19:30 A South Africa v Uruguay
17 Jun, 12:30 B Argentina v Korea Republic
17 Jun, 15:00 B Greece v Nigeria
17 Jun, 19:30 A France v Mexico
18 Jun, 12:30 D Germany v Serbia
18 Jun, 15:00 C Slovenia v USA
18 Jun, 19:30 C England v Algeria
19 Jun, 12:30 E Netherlands v Japan
19 Jun, 15:00 D Ghana v Australia
19 Jun, 19:30 E Cameroon v Denmark
20 Jun, 12:30 F Slovakia v Paraguay
20 Jun, 15:00 F Italy v New Zealand
20 Jun, 19:30 G Brazil v Ivory Coast
21 Jun, 12:30 G Portugal v Korea DPR
21 Jun, 15:00 H Chile v Switzerland
21 Jun, 19:30 H Spain v Honduras
22 Jun, 15:00 A Mexico v Uruguay
22 Jun, 15:00 A France v South Africa
22 Jun, 19:30 B Nigeria v Korea Republic
22 Jun, 19:30 B Greece v Argentina
23 Jun, 15:00 C Slovenia v England
23 Jun, 15:00 C USA v Algeria
23 Jun, 19:30 D Ghana v Germany
23 Jun, 19:30 D Australia v Serbia
24 Jun, 15:00 F Slovakia v Italy
24 Jun, 15:00 F Paraguay v New Zealand
24 Jun, 19:30 E Denmark v Japan
24 Jun, 19:30 E Cameroon v Netherlands
25 Jun, 15:00 G Korea DPR v Ivory Coast
25 Jun, 15:00 G Portugal v Brazil
25 Jun, 19:30 H Switzerland v Honduras
25 Jun, 19:30 H Chile v Spain


Last 16
26 Jun, 15:00 LS1 Winner of Group A   v Runner-up of Group B
26 Jun, 19:30 LS2 Winner of Group C   v Runner-up of Group D
27 Jun, 15:00 LS3 Winner of Group D   v Runner-up of Group C
27 Jun, 19:30 LS4 Winner of Group B   v Runner-up of Group A
28 Jun, 15:00 LS5 Winner of Group E   v Runner-up of Group F
28 Jun, 19:30 LS6 Winner of Group G   v Runner-up of Group H
29 Jun, 15:00 LS7 Winner of Group F   v Runner-up of Group E
29 Jun, 19:30 LS8 Winner of Group H  v Runner-up of Group G


2 Jul, 15:00 QF1 Winner of LS5 v Winner of LS6
2 Jul, 19:30 QF2 Winner of LS1 v Winner of LS2
3 Jul, 15:00 QF3 Winner of LS4 v Winner of LS3
3 Jul, 19:30 QF4 Winner of LS7 v Winner of LS8


6 Jul, 19:30 SF1 Winner of QF2 v Winner of QF1
7 Jul, 19:30 SF2 Winner of QF3 v Winner of QF4


Third-place play-off
10 Jul, 19:30   Loser of SF1 v Loser of SF2 N


11 Jul, 19:30   Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2 Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg



World Cup Recipes


A note from the Editor
Below are some recipes I've personally selected which represent the best of traditional cuisine from most of the 32 qualifying countries so you can prepare authentic dishes to enjoy whilst you're watching the excitement. Just click the team to see the full recipe.


Happy Cooking, Eating and Football watching !